Honda extends certified pre-owned status to 10-year-old cars


“Older, reliable used cars from brands like Honda can be great value with plenty of life remaining,” says Jake Fisher, senior manager of Consumer Reports’ auto testing center. “Backing them with a manufacturer’s warranty eliminates the biggest hesitation: the fear of unexpected repair costs. »

At the end of this article, we feature the six 2012 Acura and Honda model year vehicles proven to be reliable in CR member surveys. The Accord and CR-V stand out as good bets, meaning they performed well when new and have several years of above-average reliability. (See our full list of the best used cars.)

Honda says adding warranty coverage for more available used cars is a way to attract younger buyers looking for cheaper models to its dealership lots. Jonathan Smoke, chief economist at Cox Automotive, the company that owns Kelley Blue Book and, said on a recent auto sales webcast that sales under CPO programs had slowed in the middle of the recent spike in used car prices.

Sam Abuelsamid, an analyst for Guidehouse Insights, a company that tracks automotive industry trends, says CPO cars command higher prices because consumers feel more secure about getting something reliable. This, he says, can benefit the manufacturer, its dealers and consumers. “CPO sales at higher prices can increase residual values ​​used to calculate rental rates,” he says. “With higher residuals, manufacturers can offer lower monthly payments on [new car] leases and move more metal without hurting margins.

The other consumer benefit comes on the warranty side, as buyers can count on warranty and other additional benefits without risking an as-is sale, which is typical for older, lower-mileage used cars. raised. “It obviously costs more, but many consumers are willing to pay that premium to avoid risk,” says Abuelsamid.

Honda now has three levels of certified status for used cars sold by its dealerships: HondaTrue Certified+, HondaTrue Certified and HondaTrue Certified Used. The “Used” level covers cars up to 10 years old and includes a 100-day, 5,000-mile warranty. That’s significantly less than the top two tiers, which offer 7 years and 100,000 miles of powertrain coverage, and 60 months and 86,000 miles of no-powertrain coverage at the “+” tier, or 12 months and 12,000 miles. outside of the mid-level New Car Limited Warranty. Tiers also include emergency roadside assistance and warranty towing, as well as lockout service and flat tire repair, among other benefits. All three tiers also include a three-day, 300-mile exchange policy where an unsatisfied customer can trade in the vehicle they purchased for another Honda CPO car.

Acura will have two levels for its CPO cars: Acura Precision Certified and Acura Precision Used. The Certified level will apply to cars up to 6 years old, with 80,000 miles or less on the odometer, and will include 24 months and up to 100,000 miles of non-powertrain coverage, and 7 years and up to 100,000 miles powertrain coverage. The used level is for cars up to 10 years old and has no mileage limit. Powertrain and powertrain coverage is good for 6 months and up to 7,500 miles. Both levels offer emergency towing and other benefits similar to those offered on Honda vehicles.

“While the warranty on older cars isn’t as good, it’s still backed by Honda,” says Fisher. “Traditional aftermarket warranties are available, but they’re often not as comprehensive or only provide service at certain stores.”

Ultimately, the best used car deals are often for cars without the added cost of a CPO program. The key is to focus on models with a solid reliability history, then check the Carfax report and have the car inspected by an independent mechanic or a service like Lemon Squad.

Here are six 2012 model year Acura and Honda vehicles proven reliable in CR member surveys.


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