How consumers can be in control when it comes to their auto insurance


With the warmer weather many of us are considering spending more time outdoors, and for some that includes taking a road trip across the country. We’ve noticed driving activity is back to pre-pandemic levels, and with inflation and gas prices at their highest levels in decades, we know Canadians are looking for other ways to save.

Recent news reports have reported that some Canadians plan to cut back on the number of road trips they take this summer due to soaring gas prices. We are pleased to offer another way to save money: Aviva Canada’s new smartphone telematics offering, Aviva Travel. It not only offers an automatic 10% discount for the first year, but also helps safe drivers save up to 20% on their car insurance premiums every year thereafter. Those with dangerous driving habits may see an increase. Anyone, new or existing customers, can sign up Aviva Travel anytime – there is no need to wait for their policy renewal date. You can learn more about Aviva Journey here.

Launched in Ontario in May, Aviva Journey is a usage-based insurance (UBI) proposition that uses drivers’ driving data to tailor their insurance premiums depending on their driving quality. The app examines factors such as speed, acceleration, braking and cornering and provides drivers with real-time feedback on their driving. After the first annual term, these factors are used to determine their own personalized premium. And since the Aviva Travel The app gives trip scores for every trip taken and constantly updates their potential renewal discount, there are never any surprises for the customer. Aviva Travel truly empowers drivers to take control of their car premiums by understanding how to drive more safely and how it affects their insurance premium.

Although telematics or usage-based insurance is not new to Canada, the option has grown in popularity during the pandemic as driving activity has decreased and more consumers have adopted digital solutions. As many Canadians revert to some form of hybrid work model and gas prices have risen, we believe Aviva Travel is an attractive option for those looking to save money on their car insurance premiums. My goal is to raise awareness of the program so that it benefits more people, as a recent survey conducted by Aviva Canada in March of this year showed that awareness of usage-based insurance is still weak. Approximately 66% of respondents surveyed were unaware of usage-based insurance programs. Of the 33% who knew, only one in 10 are registered and they are usually under 35 years old.

We know consumers want more choice and influence over the prices they pay. There is certainly room to raise awareness of how more careful drivers can benefit from potential savings and we plan to expand the program to other regions and channels in the future. Which makes Aviva Travel unique in today’s market is how heavily influenced by the insight and feedback of brokers. We had the opportunity to test the application with selected brokers for several months. For us at Aviva, it was important that we spend time collecting valuable broker feedback, to better understand their preferences, client needs and to help brokers research the best options for their clients. We also wanted to make sure that Aviva Travel is simple and easy to understand for our clients and our brokers. Based on the initial feedback I have received, I believe we have achieved these goals. As for me personally, since I signed up for Aviva TravelI’ve learned that I’m generally a safe driver, but I have to slow down a bit to make sure I get the lowest possible premiums…and to enjoy the ride.


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