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Coming out of the shadows: Jane Waithera fights against discrimination against people with albinism

Jane Waithera’s mother abandoned her because of her albinism. But Jane’s talent, intelligence and determination carried her through school and college. Today, the businesswoman, writer and activist is Kenya’s best-known advocate for people with albinism. DW met her in Nairobi.

The magazine 77 percent #100 Sat, 12.02.2022

Meet Albi X: Building Lives Through Music

Albi X shakes up the rap scene with his big afro-trap and hip-hop sounds. The 23-year-old German rapper with Congolese roots was born with albinism and channels his negative experiences of discrimination into his music. Along the way, he became a role model for many.

DW Sendung The 77 percent |  Breaking stereotypes

Albi X: “Don’t let anyone denigrate you”

Raised in Germany with Congolese roots, rapper Albi X uses his voice to uplift those who still face prejudice. He joins us in the studio to talk about the challenges he faced growing up and why music has the power to overcome adversity.

The magazine 77 percent #100 |  Breaking stereotypes

Breaking stereotypes in the Gambian automotive industry

Serekunda is home to the only female-owned and run auto repair shop in The Gambia. Fatoumatta Jammeh and Ida Faal have joined forces to challenge stereotypes and gain a foothold in the automotive industry. But convincing their loved ones was not easy.

The magazine 77 percent #100 |  Breaking stereotypes

Paralympian Victorine Guissou shows the best of Koudougou

Koudougou, in central Burkina Faso, has an avant-garde atmosphere: from various artists’ studios to its festivals and athletes. Local and Paralympian Victorine Guissou shows us around.

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