How to save money on gas as prices at the pump soar


MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) — As gas prices continue to rise, you might be looking for some techniques to get the most mileage per gallon.

Auto experts share some fuel-saving tips that go beyond simply limiting your driving time. Barron’s Auto Repair in Marquette said one of the best ways to ensure fuel efficiency is to regularly schedule maintenance for your vehicle.

“The moment you notice a drivability issue with your vehicle that involves a tune-up, it’s long been time for a tune-up. Computers are good at compensating, and they do it with extra fuel to make up for the lack of efficiency,” said Keith Barron, owner of Barron’s Auto Repair.

Barron said changing your air filters, especially if you live on a dirt road, is essential, and tire pressure has more of an effect on your gas tank than you might think.

“One of the most important things is tire pressure. You can see up to 0.6% reduction in fuel economy with every 1 psi or low tire pressure. at 3% reduction in fuel economy,” Barron said.

While it might seem obvious to have your brakes checked for safety reasons, Barron said stuck brake calipers are a common problem and can also cost you more at the pump in the long run.

“Customers come in for other services and they don’t even realize their brakes are hanging up and not only will that wear out your brakes faster which will cost you more money, but your car has to fight the brakes to get on. move on the road,” Baron said.

Finally, while summer weather may cause you to hit the AC button, Barron says using it helps burn more fuel.

“Certainly if you roll down the windows it’s better or even if you can supplement with the vent, you can leave your HVAC cold but turn off the AC itself,” Barron said.

AAA claims that there are also fuel-efficient driving methods.

“During acceleration driving too hard in a stop or corner so you have to brake harder or sooner than normal, this kind of driving is hard on the car and changes your gas mileage in the wrong meaning,” AAA Public Affairs Specialist Gary Bubar said.

AAA also recommends removing winter-heavy sandbags to ensure you get the most out of your next fill-up.

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