Illinois community concerned about auto shop project


May 9, 2022 – Samir and Ghada Sharabatee are facing backlash from a local homeowners association regarding their proposed Hinsdale Discount Tires and Automotive store in Hinsdale, Illinois.

According to Patch, JMS Auto Service was previously located at the proposed site, but that business closed in 2019.

The Hinsdale Planning Commission recommended a permit for Sharabatee’s proposed business in February. This included limited parking requirements, limiting dumpsters to a fenced compound, painting the building trim, and adding greenery.

“The owner is okay with some of these changes,” said Wade Joyner, attorney for the Sharabatees. “The green trim doesn’t look the best. It probably never was, unless it was painted in the 60s. So we’re going to replace it with a bright, shiny white. “

However, the president of the nearby Golfview Hills Homeowners Association says his community has concerns. Ronald Hanson says the former JMS Auto Service was a low-impact business on the neighborhood and didn’t use its five bays. Nearby Fuller’s Auto Service is similar in size to the Sharabatee site, but is located in a business district.

“If (Discount Tires) increases Fuller’s volume, it will have a huge impact on the residential area,” Hanson said. “Is this a suitable place in Hinsdale for an auto repair shop?” »

Hanson then suggested that Hinsdale restrict Sharabatee’s shop hours and limit the number of employees and bays used.

Hinsdale Village Administrator Neale Byrnes told the Sharabatees the board wants their business to be successful and doing well. The trustees will come back to the issues surrounding this store during their meeting on May 17.


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