Images show the devastating aftermath of the fire at Hyams Auto in Malmesbury


NEW images show the extent of damage to a car dealership in Malmesbury after a fire tore through the building.

Five fire crews rushed to Hyams Auto on the main street around 3am on Saturday to battle the blaze.

Fearing the blaze involved apartments above car dealerships, firefighters entered the flames to try to rescue those inside.

In the photographs released by the garage, you can see how the roof of the building collapsed, causing extensive damage to many vehicles with broken windows, debris and rubble.

Hyams Autos released a statement on Facebook today saying it was “heartbreaking”.

A spokesperson for the car dealerships said that although the damage was “extensive”, they have “high hopes” of resuming vehicle sales in the coming days.

They said: ‘It was heartbreaking to receive a call from the police at 3am saying there was a major fire in the garage.

“That’s what everyone is dreading.

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“You can’t imagine what it was like to go on this trip.

“Being escorted by police to the garage as the city was cordoned off and being confronted with the absolutely devastating sight of multiple fire engines, police and firefighters.

“On behalf of myself, the directors of Hyams Autos, all the staff and my dear late mother, I would like to express my sincere thanks to the firefighters and police who did a fantastic job in saving the building and containing the fire. none of the neighboring properties were damaged.

“I would like to apologize to the local residents for the noise and disruption caused, but also thank them for the many kind messages of support and the help given and offered.

“I would like to thank all of my staff who came over the weekend to see what they could do to help and in particular Chris Fox who arrived at 6am on Saturday to give me a hug from support with her daughter. Annalize.

“We were fortunate to receive support from our customers, locals, friends, family and even former employees (one I hadn’t seen in 30 years).

“Thank you, it’s much appreciated.

“Although as you can see the damage is extensive, we have high hopes of getting car sales operations back up and running in the coming days as our facilities in Brokenborough have not been affected.

“As for the workshop, again, we hope it will be up and running soon.

“We will of course continue to update you when we have news and our usual phone number of 01666 822787 is in operation, so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.”

No one was reported injured in the incident.

Firefighters from Tetbury, Cirencester as well as Chippenham, Swindon and Corsham all attended the incident.

A fire investigation is underway.


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