In less than a year, the city of Madison will be gone. And after? | Local government


In less than a year, the City of Madison will be dissolved and approximately 370 acres, including the Alliant Energy Center, will become part of the City of Madison. 196 additional acres will be attached to the town of Fitchburg. Municipalities continue to plan for the transition, which will take place on October 31.


Almost 20 years after the plan was approved, the city of Madison will cease to exist next fall, with its residents and property absorbed into the cities of Madison and Fitchburg.

About 6,236 residents and 502 acres of taxable property with an estimated value of $ 469 million will change jurisdiction when the city is dissolved on October 31, as will several familiar features of the city, including the Alliant Energy Center, UW Arboretum, the bustling Novation campus, a mobile home park, car dealerships, and the modest town hall itself.

Some changes have already taken place. As of November 1, 2020, the City of Madison has provided fire, medical emergency and building inspection services in the city.

Take an aerial tour of the completed homeless settlement at Dairy Drive in Madison in early November 2021, just before moving in.

Madison expects to spend about $ 1.4 million to absorb about 4,846 people and 370 acres of the city’s land. Over 27% of the city’s population coming to Madison City is Latino, compared to less than 7% of the city, and over 13% is black, almost double the city’s percentage.

To manage the growth, the city is adding police, firefighters and more.

“Right now, residents (of the city) will have access to a number of community assistance programs,” Madison Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway said. “Our parks division will focus on removing diseased ash trees and assessing maintenance needs in new parks in the city. The 2022 budget also provided additional funding to expand the city’s operations in areas of the city, including street works, garbage removal, leaves, snow and street repairs; the police, the fire brigade and the clerk’s office for the new polling stations.


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