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If you’ve ever had issues with your insurance company, there are places you can turn to for help.

California Department of Insurance is one of those resources.

“Imagine a family against an insurance company,” said state insurance commissioner Ricardo Lara. ” Who will win ? “

Lara says that’s the reason her department exists. He says they work to help people when dealing with any type of insurance that works in the state.

“You have an advocate, a consumer advocate, who’s there to watch,” Lara said. “By making sure we keep them humble and honest. “

During the pandemic, Lara was quick to make sure all auto insurance companies offered discounts or rebates to people stuck at home.

“Some insurance companies were billing consumers as if there hadn’t been a pandemic as if people weren’t driving less,” Lara said. “The accident rates were going down so I ordered them to partially reimburse consumers.”

Lara also said that you shouldn’t worry about insurance companies unfairly raising your rates.

“The rates have to be approved by my department,” Lara said. “We have actuaries and very sophisticated ways to look at the market and see if it deserves a rate hike.”

With millions of residents, California is a major market for insurance companies.

“The largest in the country, the third in the world,” said Lara. “Businesses are making a profit, we just want to make sure that when Californians need their insurance products, they get the full benefit.”

The American Property Casualty Insurance Association represents home, auto and business insurers. The association says insurance companies have taken many initiatives during the pandemic, such as refunds and discounts. They also told NBC 7 that they look forward to continuing to work with CDI.

If you have a problem with a business and want to file a complaint with the California Department of Insurance, you can do so. here.


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