IPhones and Apple Watches Could Detect Car Crash and Automatically Dial 911 From Next Year


Apple is planning a new feature for the iPhone and Apple Watch that would allow devices to detect if you’re in a car accident and automatically dial 911 for emergency services, according to The Wall Street Journalby Rolfe Winkler.

Apple plans to launch the “crash detection” feature in 2022, according to the report, citing company documents and people familiar with the matter.

The feature would use iPhone and Apple Watch sensors like the accelerometer to “detect car crashes as they happen” in part by measuring a sudden spike in gravitational force, more commonly known as g-force, when driving. impact.

The report claims that Apple has tested the feature over the past year by collecting data shared anonymously by iPhone and Apple Watch users, and the devices have apparently detected more than 10 million vehicle impacts already. suspected. As with any test feature, the report warns that Apple may choose not to release it.

From the report:

Apple products have already detected more than 10 million suspected vehicle impacts, of which more than 50,000 included a call to 911.

Apple used data from 911 calls to improve the accuracy of its crash detection algorithm because an emergency call associated with a suspected impact gives Apple more confidence that it is indeed a crash. car, according to the documents.

The functionality is similar to the fall detection on Apple Watch Series 4 and newer, which can detect if the wearer has suffered a sudden fall and automatically call emergency services unless they indicate they are going. good.

Google already offers car crash detection function on some recent Pixel smartphone models.

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