It’s the first step to getting the right auto insurance coverage, says Dave Ramsey


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Buy car insurance? Here’s what Dave Ramsey says needs to be done ASAP.

Key points

  • Buying car insurance involves several steps.
  • Dave Ramsey says the first step is to collect documents.
  • This can help ensure quotes are accurate and the correct coverage is obtained.

The buying process car insurance requires following a few steps in order. This is because drivers need to make sure they get the good type of cover to protect its heritage and that they pay a fair price for politics.

For those unsure where to start, financial expert Dave Ramsey has provided tips for getting started. This step will allow motorists to be successful throughout the insurance buying process.

Here’s what Ramsey says is the key first step

Ramsey’s recommended first step may come as a surprise to drivers who assume the first thing to do is start examining car insurance companies. But there’s actually something Ramsey says to do before that.

“Before you do anything else, gather the information each car insurance company will need before they can offer you a rate,” Ramsey said. This will make it easier for drivers to get accurate insurance quotes.

The information Ramsey says drivers need to have on hand includes both personal details and details about the vehicle that will be insured. Some of the crucial documents include:

  • Driving license information for all motorists in the household
  • The VIN number on the vehicle
  • The address where the vehicle is registered
  • Information on vehicle usage and number of kilometers driven each year
  • The current mileage of the car
  • Current insurance provider information, including policy expiration date

As Ramsey explained, this information will be critical in taking the next steps in coverage.

Why are these documents so important?

Finding these documents is a key step in the insurance buying process, as drivers have to shop around for the best coverage – and they need these details to do that.

You see, auto insurers’ pricing policies are based on the risk of a claim being paid. And to assess that risk, they want specific details of which motorists will be covered and which car will be covered by the policy.

Providing driver’s license information allows the insurer to see if there are any accidents or license points in the driver’s history, which could suggest that someone is a dangerous driver. And providing the vehicle’s VIN number makes it easier for the insurer to assess all of the safety features a vehicle is equipped with, because crash protection technology and vehicle components designed to prevent serious injury can reduce the risk of a major loss.

Once motorists have gathered these documents, they can move on to other steps in the process of obtaining coverage, including comparing prices and purchasing a policy that meets their needs.

Since insurance is required and researching for coverage should be done on a regular basis, drivers should start working on this first step as soon as possible to get the coverage they need at the best rate.

The good news is that it’s probably not as complicated as it looks. “You need a solid good hour (even less if you’re buying direct from an insurer),” Ramsey said. “With a little preparation – having all of your preliminary information ready, having a rough idea of ​​the coverage you need, and figuring out how you want to get car insurance – you’ll be on your way as soon as you go online or call to an agent, broker or insurance company.

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