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Lincoln County Jail File, Friday-Monday

• Lateef Murray, 01/24/1983, 536 N Church St. – arrested for the crime of concealment, conspiracy, by BPD.

• Anthony Marquis Jones, 06/09/2000, 113 E Highland – arrested for tinted window darker than allowed, no proof of car insurance, no seat belt, possession of marijuana / synthetic cannabinoids in a motor vehicle, driving reckless, drunk driving first, by the Mississippi Highway Patrol.

• Justin Frost, 02/22/1994, 10 Brothers Lane, Sontag – arrested for shoplifting, by the Brookhaven Police Department.

• Chase Anthony Owens, 10/06/1998, 2830 SE Pleasant Grove, Ruth – Arrested for Possession of Marijuana / Synthetic Cannabinoids in a Motor Vehicle, by the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office.

• Cause Jessica, 11/5/1985, 3114 E Hwy. 44, McComb – arrested first for drinking and driving, disobeying a traffic control device, by MHP.

• Bobby Aldridge, 8/101964, 2564 Log Cabin Road, Roxie – Arrested for drug court violation, by LCSO.

• Praiveon Sanders, 06/11/1994, 110 West St. – arrested on warrant, by BPD.

• Jaleel Sanders, 02/22/1996, 641 Gaston Trail – arrested on warrant, by BPD.

• Aaron Lee Bedwell, 03/22/1993, 36 Brumfield Cutoff Rd., Foxworth – arrested for public intoxication, by BPD.

• Barron Treall Banks, 10/26/1994, 100 Wally Dr.— arrested for speeding 10-19, no car insurance, window tint darker than clearance, disorderly driving / not obeying a legal order, by the MHP.

• Warren Vincent Mazer, 7/1/2003, 1538 NE Hwy 51 – arrested for reckless driving, police hit and run or evasion, speeding over 30, not using turn signals, driving over one way, by MHP.

• Daniel Keith Jent, 8/21/1991, 611 Urban Lane – arrested for shoplifting valued at $ 1,000 or less, by BPD.

• Sharon Delene Fortenberry, 08/28/1969, 2010 Old Hwy. 24, McComb – arrested in violation of probation, by the Mississippi Department of Corrections.

Note: An arrest does not constitute guilt for the accused. All individuals are considered innocent until proven guilty by a court.


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