Kia honors Rita Case with dealer award


Kia presented a Lifetime Dealer Achievement Award to Rita Case, CEO of Rick Case Automotive Group, after the group’s top five performances over the past five years. The award was announced at Kia’s annual dealer meeting last month in Las Vegas, an event that also marked the brand’s 30th anniversary.

“Thirty years is a lifetime for us, and this milestone was a great opportunity to recognize one of our dealerships,” said Russell Wager, Kia’s Chief Marketing Officer. Automotive News.

Case said in a statement that she was honored and “excited about our partnership with the Kia brand as it continues to grow.”

In addition to being a high-volume dealer, Case has actively invested in facilities, Wager said.

The group spent $20 million to build a store in Sunrise, Florida, where the group is headquartered. The five-story dealership, which opened in 2015, has 268,000 square feet. The group also has a Kia store in Duluth, Georgia.

In 2012, Rita Case and her husband, Rick, received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the American International Automobile Dealers Association. Rick Case also won the 2020 Kia President’s Award, given to dealerships for outstanding sales, operations and customer satisfaction. Rick Case passed away in September 2020.

The Lifetime Dealer Achievement Award is an honor Kia plans to pursue, Wager said.

With 14 dealerships in Florida and Georgia representing 12 brands, Rick Case Auto is the largest women-owned and operated dealership group in the United States.


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