Law firm expands services for traffic accidents in Franklin and Foxboro MA


Lawyer Daniel Cardinal of Franklin Law Group MA, LLC has developed extensive services to help clients with their auto accident injuries in the Franklin and Foxboro areas. For more information, visit Contact them for questions or for a consultation at 617-277-3477.

December 22, 2021 – Franklin, MA – Lawyer Daniel Cardinal of Franklin Law Group MA, LLC announces the expansion of services for traffic accidents in the cities of Franklin and Foxboro, MA.

In Massachusetts, each vehicle must be covered by insurance. The four areas of compulsory insurance coverage are: Personal injury to others; Personal Injury Protection (PIP); Personal injury from an uninsured automobile and damage to someone else’s property. Lawyer Daniel James Cardinal, of, can answer all questions about auto coverage and how to get compensated for an auto collision injury in Massachusetts.

If a person is involved in a traffic accident and their negligence is the cause of the accident, this mandatory coverage still provides money to help. Injury Protection Coverage (PIP) provides up to $ 8,000 in product to pay medical bills and lost wages. The other parts of this mandatory coverage are available to pay to others who have been injured due to negligence or to reimburse others for property damage caused by negligence.

This same compulsory coverage is available to compensate the person (s) involved in an automobile accident who were not at fault for the accident. Persons who were passengers in the vehicle of the negligent driver may be covered and persons who were passengers or the driver of the other vehicle (s) involved in the accident may be covered by the PIP coverage of the vehicle in which they were located. at the time of the accident. collision or under a member’s auto coverage. The same Personal Injury Protection (PIP) benefits up to $ 8,000 are available. In addition, non-at-fault parties can apply for the other mandatory coverage to compensate them for damage to their vehicle in the accident or to compensate them for bodily injury they suffered in the accident. This mandatory insurance coverage is available to anyone involved in a motor vehicle accident in Massachusetts.

Beyond Mandatory Auto Insurance Coverage, there are also eight (8) other subparts of Insurance Coverage in Massachusetts under the Optional Insurance Coverage Provisions. These are called optional covers because drivers are not required to purchase these covers for their vehicle in Massachusetts, but rather is an option to purchase these covers if they choose to do so. .

If a person is involved in a car accident in Massachusetts and has suffered bodily injury or bodily injury or property damage, they can contact Attorney Daniel J. Cardinal of the Franklin Law Group MA at (617) 277-3477 or visit their website at:

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Lawyer Cardinal has practiced personal injury law and auto insurance law for over 30 years. “I am proud to provide personalized service to each of my clients from the start of their complaint until the resolution of their complaint. The success of the lawyer Cardinal is their success.

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