Lehigh Valley Auto Show Specialist Says Electric Vehicle Sales Expected to Rise in Next Years | Lehigh Valley Regional News


BETHLEHEM, Pa. — The 2022 Lehigh Valley Auto Show is in its second day of showcasing new trends and features in the automotive industry. Although rising gasoline prices may affect the selling season, car dealerships are selling electric vehicles as an alternative.

For a glimpse into the future of the auto industry, the Lehigh Valley Auto Show released its all-new fleet of vehicles that have people talking.

“I’m studying the Ford F-150 Lightning because you can actually power your home with it in an emergency, in the event of a power outage,” said one visitor.

The Ford F-150 is just one of many electric vehicles on display. Volkswagen product specialist Peter Cole explains that there are several reasons why we are likely to see an increase in electric vehicle purchases over the next few years.

“You’re going to save on gas prices, that’s a 100 percent thing, and there’s a lot less wear items in the car as well,” Cole said.

One of the main reasons people remain skeptical of electric vehicles is the lack of available charging stations.

“Most often I find them in city parking lots, they’re kind of like hidden gems when you go to find them, but the best part is they’re getting more and more accessible. I watched it there a few years ago now and there are a lot more than there used to be,” said Mercedes-Benz sales specialist Elizabeth Kim.

Despite the benefits of electric vehicles, some are still determined to stick with their gas-powered cars for now.

“Well, I like my truck with the engine right now, but gas prices are skyrocketing, so you never know what’s going to happen in the future, basically just keep an eye on the wind and see what happening,” said another visitor.


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