Maaco Fleet Solutions Center model driving success for Arizona franchisees


One of the fundamental pillars which has contributed to driving Maaco50 years of success are its dynamic business model, which includes its Fleet Solution Centers.

The team of Gene Boiseau, Jack Brown and Jake Morroco-presidents of Liberty Brands LLCand owners of three Maaco franchises in the Phoenix area, including a Maaco Fleet Solutions Center in Phoenix, has enjoyed success with a focus on providing fleet solutions for some of the most notable brands.

“We all had previous experience in logistics and saw the need for a reliable repair partner with a quick turnaround that could minimize fleet downtime,” Boiseau said. “We saw an opportunity to provide this to businesses in the Arizona market and with the brand recognition, technology and training that Maaco has to offer, the decision was easy.”

“Focusing on one thing, like fleet repair, allows us to organize our building and production workflow to streamline the painting and repair process, so it’s optimized for optimal operational efficiency. “Brown said. “We can accommodate larger vehicles with an open floor plan that provides plenty of space. We can line up six to eight vehicles and move them quickly through the painting process. Our customers appreciate how quickly we can recover vehicles from their fleet and put them back on the road.“

Maaco Fleet Solution Centers handle everything from step vans, box trucks, transit vans, taxis and rental cars. The Freedom Brands group also has four Meineke Car Care franchises to also meet the mechanical service needs of their customers.

“We opened in June 2020 and the business has been booming ever since,” Morrow said. “We offer our fleet customers an excellent combination of quality, speed and affordability for one-stop painting, collision repair, mechanical repair and maintenance. It’s a winning combination for us. »

As a testament to the rapid success the team had, they were recognized with…


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