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Warren Scott FAMILY AFFAIR – Jimmy Sesto, left, and his father Jim have opened Lighting Lizard Auto Sales, a new dealership at 253 Main St., Wintersville. Both said they strive to deliver quality vehicles that will keep customers coming back.

WINTERSVILLE – The owners of Lightning Lizard Auto Sales don’t want to be seen as just another flash in the pan.

As the owners of the new business at 253 Main Street, they have said they want to build a reputation as quality used vehicle dealerships who help their customers get the financing they can afford.

“We don’t want to sell them just one car. We want to sell them cars for the rest of their lives ”, said Jim Sesto, who operates the dealership with his son Jimmy.

“We are meticulous in what we buy. We research each vehicle to make sure it’s a good buy ”, said Jimmy, who has worked in auto sales since 1997.

He said that to prepare their vehicles for sale, they rely on the skills of local, independent and reliable mechanics and their own part-time designer, Sonny Brown, who has many years of experience in the automotive industry. .

“We inspect and do a detailed examination of all the vehicles we sell that are 15 years or older and have less than 150,000 miles. These same vehicles also come with a free 90-day or 4,500-mile powertrain warranty, valid at any mechanical shop of customers’ choice, ” he said.

“We care about our customers and our reputation, which is why we give eligible vehicles the Proguard warranty. “

The Sestos said they sell a variety of vehicles of various makes and models with prices generally ranging from $ 1,000 to $ 18,000.

Jimmy added that they can work with one of the many financial institutions to help buyers obtain financing, regardless of their credit history, through an online application process.

He said that getting a loan from a reputable lender can help individuals rebuild their credit histories while committing to a lower down payment often required by dealerships that offer their own. funding.

Jimmy said that in light of the current economic conditions, he is very happy with the dealership’s sales volume since it opened this summer.

He noted that it is a difficult time for all car dealers, as even used vehicles sold at auction are offered at almost the retail value of new ones.

As a result, the Sestos welcome anyone wishing to sell their own vehicles, with those in fairly good condition being in high demand.

Jimmy, a 1992 Wintersville High School graduate, said he enjoyed working in auto sales over the years and looked forward to this new business with his father.

“I love cars in general, seeing different vehicles and the different options. Being able to build a career around it makes me happy. he said.

Originally from Wintersville as his son, Jim said better employment opportunities brought him to the Fort Lauderdale, Florida area where he worked for many years in highway and bridge maintenance.

But he said that after he retired from this field he was happy to return to his hometown and the lower cost of living offered.

Jim said the name of the dealership was suggested by a friend and found that when he sought the opinions of others it always made people laugh.

“I thought if nothing else, we’ll put a smile on people’s faces,” he said.

But the Sestos have said they’re pretty serious about their new business.

They encourage everyone to visit their dealership or website at, where they will find photos and details of their matching vehicles and other information.

Lightning Lizard Auto Sales is open 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

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