New Dining Options Arrive in Washington | News


From the west side to the east side and even in between the mantra seems to be, build it and they will eat.

New restaurants are taking hold or are under construction.

On the west side, what used to be the Long John Silvers is revamping a sandwich shop under the management of newcomer Renee Johnson.

“I’m new to this,” said Johnson, whose restaurant will be called Washington Classics. “I’m bored. I’m a newcomer to town and need to make new friends.

The menu of the new store will consist mainly of sandwiches.

“Gyro’s, Italian beef, pulled pork, baby back ribs, things like that,” said Johnson, stressing that this is his first chance to open a business.

“I have worked in a lot of different restaurants, but I never opened mine,” she said. “It’s a lot of work, but I know the drill.”

The plan is to have a grand opening on February 4th, but there is a lot of work to be done to get there.

“We are leaving the imprint as it was,” Johnson said. “We put on paint. Took out the broken one and put into work. There was a lot of broken things and a lot of old grease because it had been around for so long. We also hope to work with the community and do some things to help the children. I can’t wait to meet everyone.

On the east side, a familiar trading operator has opened Chrilly’s Treats-N-Eats. Chris Nalker operated an auto repair business about a block from the opening of his restaurant. He had no intention of going into the restaurant business at first. Although the business has been open for a while, it has recently made some big changes from a catering trailer to an indoor dining room.

“I was looking for an ice cream truck and ended up here,” Nalker said in a newly opened dining room across the national road east from Tractor Supply. “I searched and searched for an ice cream truck but couldn’t find one so I found this food trailer, thought about selling it and buying the ice cream truck but it didn’t work out then I opened the restaurant.

At first the business was drive-in, specializing in things like fish sandwiches and giant breaded fillets and although these are still on the menu, Nalker says it expands to a dining room and a wider menu.

“It’s going pretty well. We opened up our dining room and added cheeseburgers to the menu,” Nalker said. . “

And despite the winter weather, Chrilly’s is open.

“Do good,” Nalker said. “People think it’s because it’s winter that we would be closed, but no, we’re open for business.”

The place in between is the Addi Shack, south of Third Street, just beyond the train tracks in downtown Washington. The business is operated by Joe Addington, who has been involved in catering around town.

“I wanted to open a little different place,” Addington said. “There are all kinds of pizzerias, Mexican restaurants and burgers in town. I wanted to do something different. I have listened to people and this is what they tell me. We serve loaded potato soup, tomato bisque, broccoli and cheddar soup with sandwiches like ham and cheese.

A signature item on the menu is Kramer’s coneys.

“I bought the rights and the recipe for these,” Addington said. “Now I’m looking to expand the menu, add cookies and gravy and stuff.”

The survival of the Addi Shack may end with a special service.

“I’m looking to make deliveries, especially to companies that have half-hour lunch breaks,” he said. “I think the success of the deliveries could be a key for the company.”


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