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Stan Mirzayev, founder and CEO of Parts Pass, is looking to use his new auto parts app to revolutionize the consumer auto industry.

According to Mirzayev’s model, the average person who needs a part for their car and wants to do the repairs at home can download the Parts Pass app for free, take a picture of the car using the interface, find the part needed via self-diagnostic software, and then wait for the product to be delivered to their front door.

“What sets us apart is that we have quality parts; we have the branded parts,” he said. “I really wanted to focus on the value that we bring, which is efficiency.”

Parts Pass will be available on the Apple App Store by the end of August, then will be available on Android within eight months. Initially, it will focus on the West Coast and Southwest regions of the country, but will be available nationwide.

“We are excited to launch and grow very quickly,” Mirzayev said. “We really want to deliver value in terms of efficiency, accountability and precision as well, so that’s the most important thing for us.”

Mirzayev, who is a board member of the Arizona Automotive Institute in Glendale, has been in the auto industry his entire working life. He and his family emigrated from the Soviet Union to the United States in 1990 when he was 4 years old, and in high school he was already helping out in his father’s repair shop.

When he and his family moved to the Valley of the Sun after 9/11, they bought a repair shop and worked together for over 18 years.

“I knew that my father had given away a lot of his personal desires to provide for the family, and that touched me very much,” Mirzayev said. “I supported my father and we grew our business together.”

About five years ago, while working in this co-owned repair shop with his father, Mirzayev noticed a problem in the middle of the repair shops. He found himself spending unprofitable time looking for spare parts.

“I would go through the same thing, the same script, every day of my life, which is to say I would call different suppliers and give them the year, make and model of the car, and then I would ask, ‘Do you have that part? “, he said. “It took an average of 10 to 15 minutes per car. On average, we were working on about six cars a day, so an hour of my time was wasted.

In response to this problem, Mirzayev launched an app called Parts Detect, which was supposed to make it easier for mechanics to search for parts from local suppliers.

“We went door to door selling to these big companies like AutoZone, Napa, Carquest, O’Reilly Auto Parts, and I pitched to them the idea of ​​creating a marketplace for mechanics to alleviate this huge burden that I should bear,” he said. “And slowly but surely they started to sign up.”

Parts Detect has been successful for the past five years, but Mirzayev again saw another opportunity to fill a void.

“There’s a huge opportunity that we’re not taking advantage of, it’s the tinkerers,” he said. “I would go to these local auto parts stores like AutoZone, and watch the customers interact with the guys at the counter and watch the amount of phone calls that would also burn the guys at the counter, and the really uncomfortable feeling that the customers felt when they do you have to stand in line… you kind of have to speak that lingo. So, I’m like, ‘Hey, there’s an opportunity here.’ “

From there, Parts Pass was born.

For Mirzayev, Parts Pass is not limited to “do-it-yourselfers”. He said anyone who is looking for a part for their vehicle and then wants to take it to a mechanic to install can do that too. He said that by buying parts on Parts Pass, and not through the potential mechanic, the consumer can save money.

“You can actually take it to a repair shop and have it installed,” Mirzayev said. “So you save money on that part and also get the quality you need. That’s what’s really exciting is that we have a lot of room to grow here.

Ultimately, Mirzayev would like to act as a link between the Parts Pass user and a potential mechanic. It also plans for Parts Pass to add some kind of tutorial to its software, providing parts buyers with the knowledge to install the part themselves.

“As we continue to evolve, we want to create this ecosystem where you can find the part, have it delivered, and then we really want to grow that part of the facility,” he said. “Whether you want to install it yourself, we’ll provide you with a tutorial on how to install certain parts, or you can actually browse a database that we’re trying to build now of reputable local auto repair shops that are ready to install this part for you.

With all the work Mirzayev has put into making the auto parts industry more efficient, he is looking forward to seeing the change Parts Pass brings to the industry. In the long term, he wants to put the power back in the hands of the consumer.

“My hope is to really put the power in the hands of consumers so they can control the maintenance and repairs of their own vehicles,” he said. “What we want to do is facilitate this barrier-free search process and really remove this bottleneck of finding spare parts.

“People really want a platform that they can trust, both in terms of the experience and the quality of the coin itself.”


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