Now you can just buy the crowdfunded Android Auto AAWireless Adapter


Android Auto dongle eliminates the need for a cable between your phone and your car

Android Auto can really add a lot to your driving experience, but who wants to clutter up their car with a bunch of cables? Almost all modern Android smartphones (at least those supporting 5GHz Wi-Fi and running Android 11) are now capable of running AA wirelessly, so there’s near-perfect compatibility on the mobile side. Any roadblock is more often on the side of the car, and that’s where a handy little adapter comes in as a sort of retrofit, enabling the perfect cable-free connection. Launched over a year ago, AAWireless debuted as an Indiegogo exclusive, but thankfully that’s no longer the case.

Starting this week, AAWireless can be picked up directly from the manufacturer’s website where it’s listed for around $90, and delivery can be expected in less than five days (via 9to5Google). The EU webshop is not yet in place, but should be available soon. The Indiegogo listing, meanwhile, remains in place and likely won’t go anywhere for now. You can also order dongles through it, and even at a slightly lower price of $85, although shipping may be slower compared to the online store.


Considering all the stock supply issues we’ve had with the Moto MA1 Wireless Android Auto Adapter, we bet many buyers are looking very closely at AAWireless and these new direct sales.


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