NuVinAir targets rental cars with latest cleaning product


NuVinAir is looking to break into the rental car market with its brand new product.

The company, which offers a suite of proprietary, patented products capable of safely creating healthy vehicle interiors, last week announced the upcoming launch of NuVinAir ReTurn, a product designed for car rental companies to more effectively preserve their fleet and increase customer satisfaction.

According to a press release, the new offering will be available nationwide starting September 1.

The latest data from Cox Automotive indicates that the average mileage of rental risk units passing through the wholesale market during the first half of August was 57,988 miles. NuVinAir seeks to provide better solutions, so rental car companies can preserve their vehicles as miles accrue.

NuVinAir created ReTurn to allow national rental partners to treat a wider range of vehicles for light to medium odors with its patented technology.

“Fast and cost-effective, ReTurn is exclusively formulated for our national car rental partners and quickly gets vehicles back on the road with a clean, healthy interior that customers will appreciate – and already demand,” said Kyle, Managing Director and Founding Partner. from NuVinAir. Bailey said in the press release.

“We consult with automotive companies to maximize customer experience, operational efficiency, safety and profitability,” Bailey continued. “Our exclusive new product is one of the best ways to increase guest satisfaction scores and improve operational efficiency to achieve peak rental renewal in minutes – and the untapped opportunity is exponential.”

Among NuVinAir’s other exclusive product offerings is its standalone Cyclone treatment.

The Cyclone is used with ReTurn, ReFresh and ReStore to freshen a vehicle’s interior, as well as eliminate odors with the goal of making the vehicle look like new.

Rounding out NuVinAir’s product portfolio, ReKlenz-X is a high performance stain remover and environmentally friendly EPA approved disinfectant that can kill 99.9% of germs, bacteria and viruses on vehicle surfaces.

As part of its product portfolio, ReNuSurface is an all-in-one, environmentally friendly cleaner that can replace multiple products and reduce supply costs.

Recently, NuVinAir announced the expansion of its franchise program to 33 states, with more than a third added this year alone.


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