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Today’s story is a great one about Peter Petrosino from Pet’s Auto Repair. Pete has helped so many of us over the years, including me, and he’s always been known as someone you can trust, in an industry where that isn’t always common. We wish him happy retirement and congratulations to new owner Steve Sholar Jr., who succeeds Pete.

After more than 50 years, Pete Petrosino, owner of Pet’s Auto Repair, is retiring. Pete started working at the age of 7 in his father’s (Tony “Pet” Petrosino) garage, Pet’s Esso, on Clark Street.

In 1964, his father moved to Wall Street as the owner / operator of Pet’s Sunoco. In 1968, Tony and Pete opened Pet’s Ashland (aka Prison View Ashland), on State Street across from Auburn Jail.

In 1970 Tony and Pete opened Pet’s Shell on the hill on East Genesee Street. Over the years, they have sold several brands of gasoline, including Mobil and Chevron, and have maintained and repaired vehicles.

In 1971, Al “Puzzy” Dunchak came to work for Tony and Pete, and worked with Pete until the last day. In addition, Richard “Crash” Nash worked for Pet’s for several years.

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In 2007, Pet’s moved to a brand new location at 36 York Street, where it is still found today as Pet’s Auto Repair.

Pete sold his property and business to Steven R. Sholar Jr. and Kate Maguire. Steven has over 20 years of experience in the auto repair industry, and Kate is a lawyer who also grew up in the family car business.

Pete is thrilled to finally retire and is more than confident that Steve and Kate will continue the excellent service his clients have enjoyed for over 50 years. The company name will only change slightly to Pet’s Auto Repair and Sales.

Pete would like to thank all of his customers and friends who have frequented Pet’s over the years. He may be hanging up his tools, but will finally be able to spend time with his family.

Thank you, Pete, for being a great Auburn legend and a pleasure to do business with all these years!

Peter Petrosino shakes hands with the new owner of his auto repair shop, Steven R. Sholar Jr.


Photo # 3 - Richard

Richard “Crash” Nash, Peter Petrosino and Al “Puzzy” Dunchak at Pet’s Auto Repair.


Photo # 4 - New owner, Steven R. Sholar Jr. with his girlfriend Kate Maguire and Peter.jpg

New Pet’s Auto owner Steven R. Sholar Jr. with girlfriend Kate Maguire and Peter Petrosino.


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