Pennsylvania restaurant named one of the best for chicken wings


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Chicken wings are a very popular food in Pennsylvania, especially for any type of sport. We’ve obviously had a great year for the sport so far between the Phillies and the Eagles, so I can imagine the demand for chicken wings is at an all time high.

Now a Philadelphia restaurant is getting props for having the best chicken wings in Pennsylvania. “Eat this, not that!” » compile a list of the best chicken wings in each state. What a delicious chore for them to make this list.

“Not only are they a staple of sports bar menus, but you can also find them on fancy restaurant appetizer menus,” the post says of the wings. “Creative chefs are experimenting with wet sauces. And dry rubs. And frying techniques and pasta. If you’re a purist, however, the classic buffalo wing is still a perfect bite: a crispy, fried exterior drenched in a tangy, spicy sauce; juicy chicken; and an obligatory dunk in creamy blue cheese. As for the history of chicken wings, just about everyone knows where they come from, with the outlet stating, “Fried chicken has long been synonymous with Southern cuisine. But chicken wings? The idea for this bar food specialty originated in – you guessed it – Buffalo, New York.

So what’s hot in Pennsylvania? Wishbone. “Wishbone’s Buttermilk Breaded Chicken Wings are made with a signature pretzel crust,” wrote Eat This, Not That’s Brittany Anas. “To complete the experience, dip the wings in artisanal sauces like Parmesan Pesto or Tamarind Sweet Chili.” If you’re curious about nearby states, in New Jersey the top pick was The Wing Kitchen and in New York the top pick was Anchor Bar. Find the complete list here.

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