Police blotter 07-11 to 07-17




The complainant contacted headquarters to report fraud. The Complainant states that he recently moved from the area, but was still receiving mail from his old address. The complainant reports that a Verizon account was opened in his name, using the old address, and the equipment was sent to that address. The complainant was in contact with Verizon, closed the account and returned the equipment.

Theft of catalytic converter

Patrol responded to Commerce Drive for a report that a catalytic converter was stolen from a vehicle left at an auto repair facility. The Complainant states that between 07/09/22 and 07/11/22 the property was broken into and the catalytic converter stolen. The patrol observed a fence being cut to allow entry into the property.

Circulation accident

Patrol replied 2n/a Street Pike for a two-vehicle accident report. Unit #1 traveled on 2n/a Street Pike was attempting to turn left when it was hit by the #2 unit. Moderate damage was reported to both vehicles. No injuries were reported.

Drug arrest

During a traffic stop, a patrol discovered that the driver was in possession of a controlled substance. The driver was taken into custody, treated and released.


Circulation accident

Patrol responded to Buck and Rocksville Roads for a two vehicle accident report. No. 1 Unit was attempting to leave Rocksville Road heading towards Buck Road when it ran into No. 2 Unit, which was traveling on Buck Road. Unit #1 was towed off the scene. Minor injuries were reported.

Circulation accident

Patrol responded to Newtown-Richboro Road and Spring Garden Mill Road for an accident report involving two vehicles. No. 1 Unit was driving on Newtown-Richboro Road when they failed to stop for a red light and ran into No. 2 Unit. No. 2 Unit was attempting to drive through Newtown-Richboro Road from Spring Garden Mill Road to Rock Way. Neither vehicle required towing and no injuries were reported.

Accident DUI

The patrol responded to Long Stem Lane and Tanyard Road for a report of a vehicle in a house. Upon arrival, Patrol observed that a vehicle had collided with a tree on property in Long Stem Lane. A witness at the scene said the driver of the vehicle was traveling very fast when he failed to negotiate the curve. While speaking with the driver, the patrol observed that the driver was unsteady on his feet and had difficulty speaking. The driver was taken to St. Mary’s Medical Center for treatment and blood testing. DUI charges to file.

Suspicious incident

The patrol responded to the municipal park for a suspicious person report. The Complainant states that while they were exercising in the park, they were approached by a 60-year-old man who began rambling aggressively, which made the Complainant very uncomfortable. Patrol located the gentleman and advised him to leave other park patrons alone.


Suspicious incident

Patrol responded to E. Bristol Road for a report of two men soliciting for the driveway seal. The Complainant states that when they spoke to the men and told them to leave their property, they did so and left a card. The patrol took the map to follow up.

Theft of motor vehicle parts

Patrol responded to Industrial Drive for a report of three stolen catalytic converters. The Complainant states that the three vehicles had been on the property since June 29, 2022 and at some point since that time the catalytic converters were stolen. The value of the loss is estimated at $8,000 per vehicle.

dog bite

Patrol responded to Matthew Circle for a dog bite report. The Complainant states that while working for the owner, the owner’s dog bit him, causing a gash of 1 to 2 inches. The dog’s owner confirmed that he believed the worker was finished and allowed the dog back into the house, but the worker returned to the house and the dog bit him. The owner has been informed of the quarantine rules.

Hit and run

Patrol responded to Stoneyford Road and Paddock Way for a hit and run report. The Complainant states that while turning onto Paddock Way from Stoneyford Road, they were struck from behind by an elderly man driving a black van who drove away at full speed. The complainant was unable to obtain the license plate. A check of surveillance cameras in the area proved negative. The complainant’s vehicle sustained minor damage.


Circulation accident

Patrol responded to Upper Holland Road for an accident report involving two vehicles. Unit #1, while pulling out of a parking lot, was struck by unit #2 which was driving on Upper Holland Road. No injuries were reported and no vehicles required towing.


The patrol responded with the Northampton Township Fire Department at Meadow Lane for a fire report. The complainant reports that a pillow caught fire in the dryer. The dryer was unplugged and the fire extinguished.


The complainant came to headquarters to report identity theft. The complainant states that he received a letter from Bank of America stating that an account had been opened in his name with a zero balance. The complainant informed Bank of America that he had not opened an account, he also informed the credit bureaus.



The patrol responded to the local swim club for a report of intruders who entered the pool overnight. I met a complainant who says he was approached by an employee who had instant video of a man jumping off the diving board at the swim club pool. The Complainant then checked their surveillance video and found additional footage of the intruders. Through investigation, the intruders were identified and spoke with police. The investigation is continuing.

credit card fraud

The complainant came to head office to report credit card fraud with his Wells Fargo credit card. The complainant states that he received a new credit card for an account he believed to have been closed several years ago. Upon contacting Wells Fargo, the complainant was informed that he had received a phone call requesting a replacement card. The complainant contacted Equifax’s credit bureau and had a fraud alert placed on his credit file.


Circulation accident

Patrol responded to Almshouse and Spencer Roads for an accident report involving two vehicles. The No. 1 unit while traveling on Almshouse Road struck the No. 2 unit when it came to a sudden stop in the carriageway. Unit #1 could not stop and collided with unit #2. Minor damage was reported. No injuries reported.


Arrest warrant

During a traffic stop, patrol was advised that the arrested subject had an active arrest warrant issued by the Bucks County Sheriff’s Office. Subject was taken into custody, processed and turned over to the sheriff’s office.

Disabled vehicle

The patrol intervened near the road to Grenoble for a report of a broken down vehicle. The Complainant states that their GPS took them on this road and they got stuck on the train tracks. The railroad company was advised to close the tracks until the vehicle could be towed off the premises.


The patrol responded to the railway trestle near Norwood Place for a complaint of miners on the trestle. The patrol came into contact with a group of youths and contacted their parents about the trestle railroad trespass.

During this tour, Patrol responded to 9 alarm calls; 11 calls to 911 abandoned; 37 medical calls; 5 national calls; 13 Call reservation; and 74 traffic monitoring details


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