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Theft, criminal mischief

MILL HALL – Lamar State Police responded to Julian Auto Sales at 2610 Eagle Valley Road in Mill Hall for a report of a stolen bumper reflector and criminal mischief.

Police attended the scene on April 12 and discovered during the incident that an unknown actor driving a silver Lexus sedan had parked near the dealership.

The actor was observed looking at a silver 2005 Lexus ES330 that was parked for sale at the lot and they later damaged the vehicle when they attempted to remove a reflector located on the front bumper from the side passenger, police said in their report. The actor then entered their vehicle and fled in an unknown direction, according to the police.

The bumper reflector is rated at $50.

APF violation

LAMAR — A 30-year-old man from Mill Hall was arrested by state police in Lamar for violating an abuse protection order after calling a 16-year-old female victim on April 16.

Charges were filed by the Magistrate District Judge on 3-25-02.

Physical harassment

LOGANTON — A 40-year-old man from Milton has been arrested for harassment after he got into a verbal argument that turned physical with a 23-year-old man from Trout Run.

According to Lamar State Police, on April 15, the verbal altercation between the arrestee and the victim occurred at Nicholas Meats at 508 E. Valley Road.

The arrested person got angry and turned around and punched the victim in the face, police said in their report.


LOCK HAVEN — A 21-year-old Jersey Shore man has been arrested for impaired driving after being pulled over by state police in Lamar for a traffic stop at Bellefonte Avenue and Commerce Street.

Police carried out a roadside check on the person arrested on April 16 and after further investigation he was taken into custody for driving under the influence of alcohol.

Charges for impaired driving and all related traffic offenses were filed in district court on 3-25-01.

Underage alcohol consumption

LOCK HAVEN – A 20-year-old man from Rome, Pennsylvania was arrested for underage drinking at Bellefonte Avenue and Commerce Street.

On April 15, Lamar State Police observed the front passenger throw an alcoholic beverage out of the vehicle during a traffic stop.

The person arrested later admitted to consuming alcoholic beverages and as he was under 21 he was charged with drinking alcohol in a district court on 25-3-01.


CASTANEA — A 52-year-old Lock Haven man has been charged with driving under the influence after being arrested for multiple traffic violations on Route 220 North.

On April 17, Lamar State Police initiated a traffic stop on the person arrested in a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee and upon completion of the scene investigation, they were arrested for impaired driving.

The investigation is ongoing.

Theft by deception

FLEMINGTON — Lamar State Police responded to a crime with a deception-related robbery on the High Street in the Borough of Flemington.

On April 15, a 78-year-old Flemington woman reported that an unknown actor had called her several times, stating that it was a Border Patrol agent seeking financial assistance for her family through prepaid gift cards. The victim provided the actor with the information for 12 prepaid gift cards worth up to $500.

Five cards were stolen, with a total value of $1,800, according to police.

Disorderly conduct

BEECH CREEK – A 36-year-old Bethlehem man was arrested for disorderly conduct after he sent a 26-year-old victim several messages with obscene language on April 8.

The arrestee is known to the victim and was charged by the Magistrate District Judge on 3-25-02, according to Lamar State Police.

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