Prepaid car services activated from Central and Egmore stations: Police


Car and taxi drivers’ unions have been told that strict action will be taken if a complaint of robbing passengers is received.

City police said pre-paid car services have been activated from Central Station and Egmore for passengers arriving here during lockdown hours. In addition, car drivers and call taxi unions have been instructed not to defraud passengers during the lockdown.

Chennai City Police Commissioner Shankar Jiwal and Additional Commissioner Traffic Kapil C. Saratkar held a meeting with representatives of Automobile and Taxi Drivers Unions and discussed measures to reduce passenger inconvenience during lockdown.

The state government has implemented a full lockdown from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. and Sundays to control the spread of COVID-19. According to reports, more than 10% of passengers, especially those going to airports and train stations, have encountered difficulties in obtaining taxis and cars and have also been defrauded. As the trains are fully operated to Central and Egmore stations, passengers coming into town or traveling outside by train face some inconvenience.

Officers said the prepaid car service, which was inactive earlier at Central Station during the lockdown, has now been activated. Similarly, railway officials have authorized 10 cars for the prepaid automatic service from Egmore where the service has been inactive until now. The traffic police will cooperate with the authorities on this arrangement.

The car and taxi drivers’ unions were made clear that strict action would be taken if a complaint of robbing passengers was received. At the meeting, the drivers reported that police officers on the roads seized their vehicles as they returned without passengers after dropping them off at their destination. “Therefore, drivers have been advised to have an electronic copy of the passenger ticket on their mobile phone and show it to police personnel at vehicle checkpoints. Appropriate instructions have been given to police personnel in this regard,” a press release read.

Telephone numbers for all senior officers have been shared with representatives of all unions to contact in the event of an emergency. The meeting with officials and driver associations of Ola and Uber took place and proper instructions were given to them, police said.


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