Progressive Insurance (SM) Releases “Dr Rick Will See You Now”, the Ultimate Antidote to Holiday Headaches


But fear not, the right doctor is here: Progressive Insurance’s Parenta-Life Coach, Dr. Rick, is expanding his “practice” by advising the masses with the release of his book, “Dr. Rick will see you now.

“This book is the culmination of my life’s work,” said Dr. Rick. “It is very common to see Parentamorphosis at this time of year, especially for new owners and new owners. There is something about the magic and mystery of getting together with family and friends over the holidays. that brings out the parent in people. They get lost in the moment. One minute you’re you, and the next, you’re obsessed with how the holidays will affect garbage and recycling collection. Triggers are everywhere. J ‘ did my job. “

Now in its third season, Progressive’s creative campaign with the support of Arnold Worldwide, continues to expand well beyond TV and digital “episodes” and will soon be hitting coffee tables everywhere with a guide to help homeowners everywhere. to come back from their parents to their own myself.

“The relevance and relativity of the campaign are the driving force behind its expansion. The idea that we all eventually become our parents is incredibly powerful and universally understood, which is why Dr. Rick’s allure covers so much demographics, ”said Jeff Charney, CMO of Progressive Insurance. “Expanding the campaign to include a retail element is timely, knowing that one in four books is offered during the holidays. This just-in-time outing is a ‘way out’ for those who find the 63 days between. November, 1st and the first Monday of the new year among the most difficult. We hope the humor in the book disarms some of the stress of the holidays. “

For those affected, Progressive has described ten signs to help identify if you or someone you know might be suffering from parentamorphosis:

  1. You are standing next to a trash bag when someone opens a Christmas present.
  2. You ask everyone in which direction they went to get to a rally, and then you tell them which route they should have taken.
  3. You find it hard to resist the urge to adjust the thermostat at someone else’s house or inquire about their owner’s monthly electric bill.
  4. You cry out loudly which foods make your stomach ache.
  5. You are constantly cleaning other people’s cups and glasses, even if they are not finished.
  6. While watching sports, you find yourself commenting out loud about each piece as if you were the announcer.
  7. When you prepare to welcome guests into your home, you turn off the “beautiful soap”, which happens to be shaped like a flower or a seashell.
  8. When you tell stories, they are filled with unnecessary and unnecessary details.
  9. You make weird growls and noises as you get up from the sofa or sip coffee.
  10. Napping at inappropriate times, no matter what is going on or who is around.

The 119-page book published by Eleven Letter Press, the in-house publishing arm created by the team at Progressive Insurance, is packed with tips, images and illustrations to help people recognize and regress from behaviors and their parents’ habits. Progressive has released a limited number of copies, available at minimal shipping and handling costs.

“Dr. Rick Will See You Now” is available for pre-order now at For more advice from Progressive’s Parenta-Life Coach, visit On call with Dr. Rick.

“I wrote this book so you can read it and jump to a random page when you need a therapeutic dose of Dr. Rick, especially during the holiday season when parenting behaviors are in full swing,” continues Dr. Rick. “And it’s not just a book, it’s a guide. If you were lost in the woods, you would want a map. It’s a map to escape Parentamorphosis.”

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