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High Altitude Lube and Tire opened its garage doors last September, ushering in a new era for the auto shop that was once part of Pumphouse Car Wash and Fuel.

Fernando Reyes and Eleazar “Gordo” Salazar are the owners and operators of High Altitude Lube and Tire. Reyes and Salazar, uncle and nephew respectively, both from Chalchihuites, Zacatecas, Mexico, worked at the Pumphouse for many years: Reyes for 14 and Salazar for five. Tyrone Rimbert, owner of Pumphouse, now rents the store space next to the gas station to his two former employees.

“For about four years Tyrone has repeatedly asked me, ‘Do you want to take it back?’,” Reyes explained. “It was scary. I needed a partner, so I asked Eleazar, and with his commitment, we decided to take over the business. Reyes went on to say,“ I’ve worked with cars all my life. I know the stuff. What’s the difference? I might as well try it out. I’m so glad we can do it together.

The new owners doubled the store’s staff from three to six and extended the hours of operation. They established a separate phone line and invested in a new computer and printer.

The main store services, however, will remain the same. High Altitude Lube and Tire specializes in tire purchase and installation, tire repair, tire rotation, computerized wheel balancing, oil and oil filter changes, pad changes brake and other regular auto maintenance needs.

But it wasn’t an easy start for Reyes and Salazar. Homeowners experienced a two week delay in activating their insurance. They intended to open on September 1, but the first official opening day for High Altitude Lube and Tire was not until September 15.

“No business for two weeks,” Reyes said. “Imagine! We just had to wait! But when the insurance finally gave us the green light, all my stress was gone,” Reyes said with a big sigh. Salazar replied, “I was so happy. We had been trying to spread the word, post on Facebook, but we had no idea what was going to happen. It was scary. Then, just at 8 o’clock that morning, the phone started ringing , people started to arrive and it’s been a lot of people since, “he said.” We are very grateful. “

The Leadville Pumphouse was established in 1976 by Peter Rimbert. Peter’s son Tyrone, who grew up in Leadville, took over the business and has been running it for over 20 years.

“I was looking to make my life easier,” Tyrone Rimbert said. “I approached them to take over the business. They are good hard workers. Fernando knows the job. He’s good with people. He’s got the engine. Gordo also knows the job. They will be successful. Rimbert went on to say, “Part of that too is ‘pay it forward’. I wanted to give them the opportunity to start something on their own.

“We are very grateful that all of our customers keep coming back,” Reyes said. “It makes us very happy. Especially all the customers who could go anywhere. They could have their cars serviced in other counties if they wanted to, but they choose to come back to us. We are also very grateful to Tyrone and his father for giving us this opportunity.

High Altitude Lube and Tire is located at 2504 N. Poplar St. Store hours are Monday through Friday 8 am to 5 pm and Saturday 8 am to 1 pm. The business is closed on Sundays. To contact High Altitude Lube and Tire, dial 719-293-2778.


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