Secret Samaritan program surprises first beneficiary


By Taren Powell

The new Secret Samaritan charity program surprised its first recipient on Friday, November 19. Rita Pennington of Ferron was nominated by Tami Bennett and received a Nissan Altima.

Pennington was in absolute shock and wasn’t expecting a gift, let alone a gift of this magnitude. She currently owns an old Buick Century, which she bought used in 2007. After taking her Buick several times to a local auto repair shop, it was deemed beyond repair. It does not retain oil and none of the windows lower. To get around, Pennington needed a new vehicle.

The Secret Samaritan crew did not stop with the car, however. Jed Black, a local handyman, was also hired to do repairs to the Pennington home. There had been issues with the water heater and the steps to his house, while most of the floors in his trailer needed repair.

Pennington expressed her enthusiasm, stating that she knows there are others in the community in need and that she would never have imagined this type of donation. “It is simply exceptional. I am overwhelmed, ”she said.

If anyone you know might need a little help this holiday season, please send a request to Nick Tatton, PO Box 893, Price, UT 84501 or email In the application, please include the following: the applicant’s name, address, telephone number and your relationship with the applicant.

It should also be included why you are appointing this person and specific details of that person’s needs. Please list at least two additional people who know the person’s needs and who can be contacted, including their names, phone numbers and / or email addresses. Please also provide your name, address, telephone number and / or e-mail address.

Secret Samaritan appreciates anyone who wishes to contribute to its efforts by donating. Those wishing to donate can do so by sending the donation to: Southeast Utah Community Development Corporation (CDC), Attention: Secret Samaritan Charity Program, PO Box 893, Price, UT 84501.


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