See a list of 25 black businesses to support in Sacramento.



Many black-owned businesses are showcased at the Arden Fair mall.

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August is National Black Business Month and The Sacramento Bee shines a light on black businesses operating in the Capital Region.

In the wake of summer 2020 protests across the country following the death of George Floyd and other victims of police brutality, schools, businesses and businesses have turned to improving Black communities.

Here is a list of black-owned businesses you can support:

Rakeem’s Detailing, 3810 Broadway: Lamarien Collier started his business two years ago as a car rental business, adding car detailing as a niche and a special service to friends and neighbors.

Lewis Auto Body and Paint (3630 51st Ave., Suite B): The shop specializes in auto body repair, custom paint jobs and restoration. They also restore headlights and taillights. The store offers discounts on original and replacement parts, as well as free estimates.

Daisy flowers: Owned by Da’Reen Reichenberg, who specializes in arraignments for many occasions including weddings and bouquets. Daisyhead can also provide boutonnieres, corsages, flower crowns, flower petals, garlands, table arrangements and single flowers.

Floyd Fields Automotive (320 N 10th St., Suite 105): The sales business specializes in low-mileage, well-maintained vehicles from Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Ford, Chevrolet, Lexus, Dodge, Acura, Volvo and other manufacturers. The vehicles in their collection are selected by hand.

Bag City Stems (5635 H Street, Unit F): Sac City Stems is more than just a plant store. This black-owned, women-operated facility is community-focused. Whether they have a green thumb or a first-time buyer, they educate clients to bring life and beauty to the spaces people value most.

Crystal Vibez (613 Munroe Street): Bettina Cross, the owner of Crystal Vibez, is looking for the tools, resources and support towards a holistic healing path. Her store is a meditation and spiritual store offering a variety of crystals, sage, macrame, tapestry, bath bombs and salts, candles, chakra jewelry gifts, and more.

Bank of Hype (1689 Arden Way): Bank of Hype has grown from its roots in Fairfield to a location at the Arden Fair Mall. At the store, sneakerheads can buy, sell, and trade shoes and other gear.

ABAS Clothing (1610 R Street, Suite 300): Always Be About Something (ABAS) Clothing is founded by Farouq Gidado. The clothing company inspires creative and individualistic minds to stay driven by their passion and purpose.

Horizon Security Group Inc. : Horizon is a one-stop-shop for CCTV, alarms and security systems.

Underground Books (2814 35th St.): Underground Books opened in the summer of 2003 and is Oak Park’s literary hub. It is managed and operated by Georgia “Mother Rose” West.

On wall mounting the TV: On the Wall offers quality work at affordable prices. Their specialty is mounting your widescreen, HDTVs while getting all those wires out of the way safely, cleanly and quickly.

1913 Lounge and Event Space (1913 Del Paso Blvd.): 1913 is owned by CMC Management Group, an event and venue management company whose three owners bring over 20 years of experience in business, branding and community impact. 1913 on Del Paso is creating a space in the North Sacramento area for the community to hold events, pop-ups and more.

Neighbor program (3841 4th Ave.): The Oak Park nonprofit is committed to serving its people and loving its neighbors through food, education and employment opportunities. He runs the Malcolm X Academy, a community-run private school for K-8 students.

SpiderMonkey’s Dessert Studio (1689 Arden Way, Suite 1104): Opened in November, Dessert Studio is located in the lower level food court of the Arden Fair mall, offering donuts in New Orleans. It also offers a variety of desserts. You can also find their donuts for sale at the Sacramento Zoo.

Kingdom Not of this World Clothing (1689 Arden Way): Kingdom Not of this World is Sacramento’s only Christian clothing store. Launched in 2017, the brand brings a ministry to clothing and fashion. Its mission is to encourage and uplift people. The store has a prayer board where customers can write inspirational messages.

Jessica’s Shop (1689 Arden Way, Suite 1031): Although new to the Arden Fair mall, CEO Jessica Ellis-Bulgin sells chic, fashionable and stylish clothes.

Anti-Heroes (1689 Arden Way, Suite 2125): The comic retailer offers a range of different comics and related products, including series created by up-and-coming artists. Anti-Hero is owned by Brent Trayce Sands, the founder and creator of Impound Comics, a Sacramento-based comic book series.

The World’s Worst Bodega (1689 Arden Way, Suite 1102): World’s Worst Bodega is a collective that enables small local businesses to sell their vintage and streetwear clothing in stores. At pop-up events known as World’s Worst Expo in downtown Sacramento, they host more than 170 local small businesses each month.

SkyCloud (800 El Camino Ave): SkyCloud sells CBD products at its Old North Sacramento store and provides cannabis delivery.

Universal Clothing Boutique (1808 Del Paso Blvd.): The Old North Sacramento store sells clothing and footwear, offering a variety of shoe brands including Nike, Jordan, Adidas, and Crocs.

CBD by Medizen (1689 Arden Way, near JC Penneys): Michael Scott did some research and couldn’t find a CBD company that used clean, pure ingredients. Scott worked with a chemist to formulate Medizen products using high-quality, organic ingredients infused with CBD hemp and non-GMO botanicals to address specific needs for relaxation, relief, and sleeping conditions.

Face Mask Mama (1689 Arden Way, find the kiosk near Bump Box): Face Mask Mama hailed from Lodi during the pandemic and now sells stylish face masks at the Arden Fair mall. They offer other beauty accessories such as beanies, ski goggles, and the “Mama Still Got It” beauty collection.

The Lemon Mob (1689 Arden Fair, Suite 1167): The Lemon Mob serves a variety of tea and lemonade flavors to help cool off at Arden Fair. They sell them by the cup, bottle, gallon, and case. Some of the popular flavors include Hibiscus Mint Tea, Lavender Pine Berry, and Cucumber Melon.

Drip Espresso (1004 24th St.): The women-owned Black Cafe is a family business. They bring community, culture and espresso together. Their menu includes baked goods and vegan options, and they’re proud to source ingredients from local vendors who are BIPOC, women, or LGBTQIA+.

Choyce’s Law (1438 Del Paso Blvd): Located in Sacramento and Fairfield, the firm consists of four areas of expertise: criminal defense, DUI defense, ticket and personal injury defense.

This story was originally published August 30, 2022 2:35 p.m.

Marcus D. Smith covers black communities for The Sacramento Bee. Marcus is an alumnus of Texas Southern University in Houston. Marcus grew up in Sacramento and is thrilled to be back home after his passion for journalism.


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