Several cars recovered after thieves stole 7 from NC dealership


RALEIGH, NC (WNCN) – The Raleigh Police Department recovered three out of seven cars that were reported stolen from an auto dealership.

This all happened at Brother Auto Sales at 2216 Trawick Road. On Monday, the cars were parked bumper to bumper to prevent anyone from stealing them.

“I completely stopped my business because all the keys are out. Even I am making new keys no more… but I can’t trust these people (who) have the keys to my cars,” said the co-owner Ehab Bashay.

Surveillance video from Sunday morning shows a group of five people breaking the lock on the back door before entering the dealership.

Once inside, they dismantle the surveillance camera before searching the office.

Bashay saw the video early Sunday morning after hearing about a car accident near the dealership.

“Me and my wife come here. This door is locked, this door is open, it’s completely broken,” Bashay said. “I find the safe is open, I can’t find any key. I lost my mind once there were no keys.

Seven of his cars were stolen. Surveillance video from another camera shows the thieves fleeing into several of them.

At one point, one of the cars runs over two other cars parked in the parking lot, damaging them.

Beshay said between the cars and the stolen keys, he had to close his business for the time being.

“What we’ve spent and lost is over $100,000, and the problem is we don’t have enough coverage.”

As of Monday, two of the recovered cars have returned to the dealership. It had damage to the front. Bashay told CBS 17 he was found in Zebulon.

He asks anyone who might know something to contact Raleigh police.


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