Shortages: infant formula, popcorn, pet food shortages


If you think pandemic-era shortages are fading, think again.

An ongoing shortage of infant formula due to a major manufacturer recall has caused hardship for families in recent months. Production recently resumed at a previously closed factory, but in the meantime the crisis persists.

It’s not just formula milk. While many of the shortages from the early days of the pandemic have eased and hand sanitizer and toilet paper are now plentiful, consumers are still struggling to find certain products due to ongoing supply chain issues. supply, production delays and even extreme weather conditions.

Here are eight things that are hard to find or very expensive right now due to supply issues, from movie theater popcorn to tampons.

sriracha hot sauce

In a letter To wholesale customers last month, sriracha maker Huy Fong Foods said weather conditions were causing a severe shortage of the chilies it uses to make the beloved spicy condiment.

“Unfortunately, this is beyond our control,” the company wrote. “Without this essential ingredient, we cannot produce any of our products.” It is unclear when store inventory will be affected by the pepper shortage.

Pop corn

As moviegoers return to the box office this summer, they may encounter a shortage of popcorn — or at least higher prices.

Farmers are growing less popcorn in general because other crops can generate higher profits at lower cost. the wall street journal reported last month. A continued shortage of truckers is also delaying shipments.

And it’s not just the snack itself that’s hard to find. According to Log.

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Retailers are struggling to keep tampons on shelves, according to a recent report from TIME, leaving people across the country struggling to access essential care products.

In a recent earnings call, Andre Schulten, chief financial officer of Tampax manufacturer Procter & Gamble, discussed raw material supply difficulties and described the “expensive and highly volatile” process of transporting its goods, including feminine care products. The company will increase its prices in July to meet the additional expenses.

pet food

The same supply chain issues affecting the grocery and personal care categories are also slowing pet food shipments this summer, and a shortage of aluminum cans is only making matters worse. Citing “inconsistent availability and ongoing supply issues,” grocery chain Trader Joe’s announcement in April that it would remove six pet food products.

It is difficult to predict when things will return to normal. “Food brands are promising that they will improve over the next four and six months; others say it may be up to a year before some of their products are back in stock,” said the general manager of a pet store in Minnesota. told the local station KSTP this week.

Baby formula

Last February, Abbott Nutrition initiated a voluntary recall of certain powdered formulas under the Similac, Alimentum and EleCare brands after complaints about possible bacterial contamination.

The company said none of its products have tested positive for the bacteria, but the disruption resulting from the recall and subsequent closure of a factory in Michigan means families are still struggling to find milk mothered on store shelves and online.

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Contrast dye

Shortages also persist outside the grocery store. A contrast dye essential for medical imaging tests like CT scans is being rationed in hospitals and causing delays for patients, CNN reported this week. Coronavirus-related lockdowns in Shanghai, where the dye is made by GE, are responsible for the shortage.

Car rental

If you’re looking for a rental car for your next summer vacation, or even if you’re looking to buy a new car yourself, it’s a good idea to start your search early and be prepared for spend more.

A huge drop in traveler demand at the start of the pandemic prompted car rental companies to sell parts of their fleets, and they struggled to replenish their supply of cars. Production in the automotive industry has slowed significantly due to an ongoing shortage of semiconductor chips.

For car rental companies, this means low inventory and high prices across the board. Bloomberg found that daily car rental rates in the United States this summer are roughly double what they were in the summer of 2019.

“It’s always tough out there,” said American Car Rental Association spokesman Greg Scott. say it Washington Post in March. “There are instances where the supply of new cars has improved, but it hasn’t come back to where it should be and it won’t be for a long time.”

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