snapdeal news: Snapdeal Sees Doubled Growth in Automotive Accessories Orders in FY22

Taking advantage of the surge in demand for car accessories following the easing of restrictions and the return to regular travel for various purposes, including work, Snapdeal saw its volume growth in this market soar 110% in 2021-22 with demand coming from all parts of the country. While large cities like Delhi NCR, Mumbai and Bengaluru with large vehicle populations accounted for the majority of orders, smaller cities like Kekri (Rajasthan), Junnar (Maharashtra), Tohana (Haryana), Silvassa (Dadra & Nagar Haveli) , Palanpur (Gujarat) and many others also accounted for growing and diverse demand, the e-commerce company said in a statement on Wednesday.

In addition, in the just-ended fiscal year, users purchased car accessories for three main purposes, including personal safety, car care, and regular cleaning and maintenance, he said. declared.

India was the fifth-largest automotive market in 2020, with 3.49 million passenger and commercial vehicles sold, Snapdeal said, citing an IBEF report.

Despite industry challenges, passenger vehicle sales have made a strong comeback as factory operations return to normal and states ease restrictions. A similar upward trend can be seen in the car and bicycle accessories and related products segment, he said.

Over the years, Snapdeal has expanded its automotive category by introducing a number of products and brands, he said, adding that currently more than 30,000 SKUs from the category are sold on Snapdeal. .

These include some top brands for products such as cleaning solutions, car air fresheners and fragrances, vehicle protectors, car cell phone holders, microfiber cleaning cloths, among others.

“Shoppers today are much more comfortable buying aftermarket automotive accessories and parts online, which represents a huge opportunity for companies like Snapdeal to meet the growing demand with an experience of user-friendly shopping that caters to this customer segment,” said the head of Saurabh Bansal. Head of Merchandising, Snapdeal.

According to the company, anti-glare glasses for night driving, LED turn signals for bicycles, fog lights for cars, Balaclava masks and cotton arm warmers for UV and pollution protection were among the best-selling products in personal safety equipment.

Popular auto care products included tire puncture repair kits, puncture inflators, lubricant-based multi-utility spray for moving parts, scratch eliminators and dust covers for bicycles and cars, he said.

Users also explored and purchased a wide range of cleaning products for their cars and bikes – from lint-free microfiber gloves, waterless car shampoos to windshield cleaning tablets, high-pressure water guns to clean the exterior with dust brushes to clean the air vents. .

The e-commerce company also said that in response to growing demand for auto accessories, it has also integrated a product line ranging from end-to-end automotive aftermarket service and spare parts supplier, Go Mechanic. which sells a wide range of OEM spare parts and consumables.


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