SparkCharge Expands EV Charging Delivery to 12 New California Cities


SparkCharge is leading the way on a critical component of the electric vehicle industry: mobile charging. The electric vehicle network provider announced on Monday that it will expand access to Now, its on-demand electric vehicle charging delivery service to several new cities in California.

If you haven’t heard of SparkCharge yet, the company is making significant progress in its mission to change the way people think about charging their electric vehicles.

According to SparkCharge, they are the “first company to create an electric vehicle charging system and network, single-handedly creating charging as a service (CaaS).” The company uses its Stackable Roadie Portable EV batteries to charge users’ EVs with powerful Level 3 DC fast charging capabilities.

Each battery provides 3.5kWh of usable power, with stackable batteries providing up to 72 miles of range. More importantly, you can use it with almost any electric vehicle compatible with Tesla, CSS and CHAdeMo.

Mobile EV Network welcomed Joe Biden after signing the Chips and Science Act to increase chip manufacturing capacity here in the United States for critical EV components.

Additionally, EV drivers can use the company’s app, Actur, to charge their EVs wherever and whenever they want.

The on-demand charging service has started in four major cities: LA, San Francisco, San Jose and Dallas. Today, the company announced that it is expanding its services to 12 more California cities.

SparkCharge Currently charging on demand Source: SparkCharge

Sparkcharge Enters New California Cities with Series A Funding

The electric vehicle mobile charging provider announced on Monday that it had received an increased Series A investment worth $7 million, bringing the total to $30 million.

Series A is usually the first stage of investments and SparkCharge uses the funds. With the new capital, SparkCharge is expanding its on-demand services to include the following California cities:

  • Huntington Beach
  • newport beach
  • irvine
  • Anaheim
  • santa ana
  • Oakland
  • Fremont
  • Berkeley
  • Union City
  • Albany
  • Orange
  • Hayward

The new capital comes from Clevland Avenue, a Chicago-based venture capital fund. SparkCharge’s initial funding included several high-profile partners, such as Mark Cuban’s investment firm, after the company approached Shark Tank to pitch the business idea in 2018.

Josh Aviv, Founder and CEO of SparkCharge, is encouraged by the progress made so far, saying:

The expansion of the Currently app to new cities is a pivotal moment for SparkCharge as we help solve the charging challenges faced by the growing number of electric vehicle owners.

He added:

Cleveland Avenue is an exceptional partner who believes in our mission to bring EV charging solutions to market that take the stress out of knowing where to plug in your electric vehicle. The support of our investors will enable us to continue to expand our offering to new, larger markets, as well as those that are particularly underserved to meet the needs of all electric vehicle owners.

To celebrate its success, SparkCharge is offering a special limited time offer. If you drive an EV and live in the cities mentioned above, you can download the Current app (on Apple and Google Play stores) and enter the code “CALIGROW” to receive 30 days of free EV charging!

After entering your code, you can schedule a charge wherever you want in your free time.

Electrek’s Grasp

I love what SparkCharge does and the excitement the company brings to the EV industry. Mobile charging will be a key element in ensuring the automotive industry’s smooth transition to electricity.

SparkCharge is leading the way, and thanks to a new round of funding, the company is making rapid progress.

Since launching in its first four cities, Sparkcharge has already given more than 250,000 miles of range to electric vehicle owners and is on track to deliver millions this year. I say it now, SparkCharge will be an exciting company to see grow in the electric vehicle industry. For my part, I can’t wait to see what they will accomplish.

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