Tesla cuts delivery time for some Model 3 and Model Y versions in China


Shanghai (Gasgoo)- Tesla has again adjusted the delivery time of its major products in China to further stabilize its delivery space in the world’s largest auto market.

Updated information on Tesla China official website this week shows that the expected delivery time of Model Y RWD has been changed to 1-5 weeks from the previous 1-4 weeks, while the waiting time has been reduced to 1 to 5 weeks. 4 to 8 weeks for Model 3 RWD/Performance and Model Y Performance/Long Range.

Model Y; photo credit: Tesla

Before the latest adjustment, Tesla China reduced the Model Y RWD delivery time to 1-4 weeks from 12-16 weeks in August this year.

An industry analyst said the slight extension of the Model Y RWD delivery time made sense as the model has become a major contributor to Tesla’s sales and demands higher production capacity. In addition, the evening delivery time of Model 3 RWD/Performance and Model Y Performance/Long Range will be conducive to Tesla’s overall sales growth.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted in early October that the company was trying to smooth out its “crazy end-of-quarter delivery wave to reduce acceleration costs and relieve stress on the Tesla team,” aiming for more deliveries. stable during the quarter.


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