This state will soon make various transportation-related services available online


West Bengal will also set up e-charging points and CNG stations across the state to transition to an electric mobility ecosystem.

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August 28, 2022, 5:42 PM

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The Government of West Bengal will soon bring various transport related services online so that the general public does not have to face any hassle at the regional transport offices. Services such as vehicle registration to learner’s license will all be available online, state transport minister Snehasis Chakraborty told a news conference. The government also plans to make all public transport companies in the state fully environmentally friendly by 2030 with the introduction of 1,180 electric buses.

With this step, people will be able to do things from the comfort of their homes, helping both the general public and those in the transportation industry. “In an effort to eliminate harassment of people in Regional Transportation Offices (RTOs), we have decided to make services ranging from vehicle registration to learner’s permit or permits available through online mode” , said Chakraborty.

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Additionally, the state will set up e-charging points and CNG stations across the state to transition to an electric mobility ecosystem. The West Bengal government has already struck a deal with Tata Motors for 1,180 electric buses which will start arriving soon. Moreover, the state will soon introduce 1,000 e-cabs by a private service provider in Kolkata.

Services such as change of vehicle ownership, seller and buyer interviews will also be done through the virtual mode and people will not have to visit RTOs for this purpose. Other services that will be brought online include vehicle registration, learner’s permit, fancy registration number, special permits for commercial vehicles, mortgage cancellation, registration certificates in double, permits from the State Transport Authority (STA), among others.

The Minister said he was sensitive to the difficulties faced by private bus operators in the state due to the increase in diesel prices in recent years.

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