TIA urges congressional support with right to repair


This year, the Tire Industry Association supported the introduction of HR 6570, the Automotive Industry Right to Fair and Professional Repair Act, or Repair Act, during the 117th Congress presented to the House by the representing Bobby Rush (D-IL). This is the final chapter in the fight for the right to repair with car manufacturers, to preserve competition in the repair and maintenance of vehicles. TIA has been working on adding co-sponsors to the legislation.

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TIA is working with the Auto Care Association to allow its members to send a letter to their members of Congress on this issue. The association provided this link to the Take Action webpage.

The association urges lawmakers to put the interests of vehicle owners first by supporting right to repair legislation for the auto repair industry.

The Association urges that right to repair legislation should:

  • Protecting a consumer-friendly and competitive automotive repair market
  • Provide independent repair shops with access rights to critical information, tools and equipment needed to repair modern cars and trucks
  • Task the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration with developing cybersecurity standards and guidelines to protect vehicle data and systems when vehicle owners or their designees access repair and maintenance data.

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