TJ Chapman eases online shopping hesitation for used cars with new sales features


TJ Chapman is a Utah-based car dealership that ships rebuilt title cars to domestic buyers. With research from Deloitte showing that barriers remain for online car shopping, the company has launched new sales features to help customers feel comfortable buying used cars remotely.

As more people turned to the internet for commerce during COVID-19, remote car purchases increased. But when a Deloitte study of 2021 auto consumers showed barriers to customer confidence in remote auto sales, TJ Chapman Auto launched changes to address those barriers.

TJ Chapman began shipping his meticulously rebuilt title cars nationwide from his Salt Lake City dealership before the pandemic, but online sales have increased dramatically during COVID. Still, with an October 2021 Deloitte Global Automotive Consumer Study showing that 71% of Americans are hesitant to buy cars online, Chapman unveiled a fleet of new features to hit buyer hesitation head-on.

These included:

  • A FaceTime tour of the vehicle
  • Detailed images of every scratch, tear and nick for a “no surprises” guarantee
  • A third-party Bluestar inspection
  • 250 miles, 3 day return policy, less shipping
  • Comprehensive “Peace of Mind Guarantee”
  • Nationwide shipping at dealer’s expense or “fly and return” options (TJ Chapman Auto is minutes from the Salt Lake City airport)

“People love the ease of shopping online, but there’s always that leap of faith without being able to see the car,” Chapman said. “Since we introduced these features, people are much more willing to buy because it’s as close as possible to being here in person.”

Chapman said his customers are more willing than ever to shop remotely to get a hassle-free experience and unmatched prices. “I get a lot of returning customers from as far away as the East Coast. They appreciate the convenience of not having to shop for cars and deal with pushy salespeople, and they get a deal that can’t be matched anywhere in the country.

TJ Chapman is the national leader in shipping restored title cars to out-of-state customers. He is also known to be one of the most skilled buyers in the state of Utah, finding cars that are marked as “salvage” but can be easily repaired at his store and sold to the customer at an unbeatable price with a title. “rebuilt”.

“Some of these cars have only minor damage, like hail damage or cosmetic damage from a collision. a fraction of the price of a new car,” Chapman said.

To learn more about TJ Chapman Auto’s sales features that provide all the convenience of online car buying with the transparency of in-person car shopping, call (801) 456-9710 or visit www.tjchapmanauto. com.

About TJ Chapman Auto

TJ Chapman Auto is a genuine and honest rebuilt car dealership. Their goal is to provide the highest quality vehicles at the lowest possible price in the country and to provide a no-pressure buying experience with guaranteed transparency.


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