Too many car sales result in resident quote: South Euclid police blotter



General assistance: Mayfield Road

An Ohio BMV investigator reported on Dec. 7 that a resident had sold too many vehicles in a one-year period without a dealership license.

As a result, officers cited the man, 62, for not having a license to engage in motor vehicle transactions, a misdemeanor.

Conflict between neighbors: Monarch Road

Officers responded to a neighbor’s complaint of an unspecified nature on December 7 and spoke to the two people involved. They were advised to stay away from each other.

Flight: Warrensville Center Road

A Cleveland Heights woman, 48, was arrested on Dec. 7 for stealing $ 389 in merchandise from Walmart.

Flight: Warrensville Center Road

An 18-year-old Cleveland Heights woman was cited to Walmart on December 12 for underestimating $ 125 in merchandise.

Flight: Oakmount Road

A resident said on December 9 that he believed a package had been stolen from his home. He said he had received a notification that the package had been delivered. It was to contain a phone, valued at $ 449.

Disturbance: Bayard Road

A man said on December 9 that an unknown woman yelled at him as he dropped his children off at Rowland Elementary School. He said he had a fight with the same woman in November. He requested that the incident be documented in case anything else happened.

Burglary: Maywood Road

A resident reported on December 13 that someone attempted to enter her home through the back porch door, causing damage to the door and frame.

She said she also found a screen removed from a rear window.

Flight: Boulevard Monticello

A health official reported on December 7 that a television appeared to have been stolen from the home of one of his clients. She said it was kept in a closet and was last seen in October.

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