Top 15 cities for hipsters in 2022

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If you’re into all things indie, vintage, and obscure, then you’re likely to thrive in one of the best cities for hipsters of 2022.

That’s the reason for that LawnStarter America’s 200 Biggest Cities Ranking: To help you maximize your chances of finding a 1970s alpaca wool coat, cage-free eggs, and just chill vibes.

We looked at 30 anti-cool factors — from access to thrift stores, farmers’ markets and vinyl records to the friendliness of unicycles and morning raves.

Check out the best cities for Modern Bohemia below.

1. New York, NY

New York City
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Overall score: 83.94

Fashion ranking: 1

Lifestyle ranking: 2

Cultural classification: 1

Classification of food and beverages: 1

2. Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles
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Overall score: 67.26

Fashion ranking: 2

Lifestyle ranking: seven

Cultural classification: 2

Classification of food and beverages: 5

3. Portland, OR

Aerial view of Portland with Mount Hood in the background.
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Overall score: 57.49

Fashion ranking: 13

Lifestyle ranking: 3

Cultural classification: 4

Classification of food and beverages: 2

4. San Francisco, California

San Francisco
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Overall score: 56.52

Fashion ranking: 19

Lifestyle ranking: 1

Cultural classification: 3

Classification of food and beverages: 4

5.Chicago, IL

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Overall score: 52.61

Fashion ranking: 4

Lifestyle ranking: 26

Cultural classification: 6

Classification of food and beverages: 3

6.Seattle, Washington

Seattle, Washington
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Overall score: 51.88

Fashion ranking: 14

Lifestyle ranking: 4

Cultural classification: 5

Classification of food and beverages: 6

7. San Diego, CA

Dance Shots /

Overall score: 48.88

Fashion ranking: 6

Lifestyle ranking: 11

Cultural classification: ten

Classification of food and beverages: seven

8. Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado
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Overall score: 44.43

Fashion ranking: 25

Lifestyle ranking: 5

Cultural classification: 18

Classification of food and beverages: 8

9. Austin, TX

Austin, TX
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Overall score: 43.21

Fashion ranking: 9

Lifestyle ranking: ten

Cultural classification: 16

Classification of food and beverages: 12

10. Atlanta, Georgia

The Little Five Points neighborhood in Atlanta, Georgia
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Overall score: 40.93

Fashion ranking: 16

Lifestyle ranking: 14

Cultural classification: 8

Classification of food and beverages: 20

11. Miami, Florida

Miami, Florida
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Overall score: 39.88

Fashion ranking: 11

Lifestyle ranking: 6

Cultural classification: 23

Classification of food and beverages: 17

12.Washington, D.C.

Supreme Court
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Overall score: 39.54

Fashion ranking: 50

Lifestyle ranking: 19

Cultural classification: 11

Classification of food and beverages: 11

13. Oakland, CA

Oakland, California
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Overall score: 37.99

Fashion ranking: 57

Lifestyle ranking: 12

Cultural classification: 13

Classification of food and beverages: 36

14. Sacramento, CA

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Overall score: 37.09

Fashion ranking: 17

Lifestyle ranking: 15

Cultural classification: 29

Classification of food and beverages: 18

15. Orlando, Florida

Orlando Florida
aphotostory /

Overall score: 36.76

Fashion ranking: 20

Lifestyle ranking: 33

Cultural classification: 14

Classification of food and beverages: 14


Girl relaxing outdoors
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We’ve ranked the 200 largest US cities from best (#1) to worst (#200) for hipsters based on their overall scores (out of a possible 100 points), averaged across all weighted metrics listed below. .

  • Number of Urban Outfitters locations
  • Number of thrift stores
  • Number of vintage and consignment shops
  • Number of tattoo parlors
  • Number of hair salons
  • Environmental awareness
  • Car-free friendliness
  • Bike friendliness
  • Friendliness of urban gardeners
  • Artisanal friendliness
  • Stoner friendliness
  • Number of yoga studios
  • Morning Rave Hosts
  • Number of record stores
  • Concert halls per 100,000 inhabitants
  • Number of antique shops
  • Number of “Local Flavours” Spots
  • Number of art galleries
  • Number of art houses and independent cinemas
  • Number of independent bookstores
  • Number of e-scooter rental providers
  • Skate parks per 100,000 inhabitants
  • Number of vegan and vegetarian restaurants
  • Farmers markets per 100,000 population
  • Number of on-farm markets within 30 miles
  • Number of Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods locations
  • Number of craft breweries
  • Number of dive bars
  • Number of whiskey bars
  • Number of coffee roasters

Sources: Art House Convergence, BreweryDB, Daybreaker, Eventbrite, IndieBound, other studies LawnStarter, The Skatepark Project, TheThriftShopper.ComTrader Joe’s, TripAdvisor, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Urban Outfitters, Whole Foods, and Yelp

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