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Are you looking for concrete strategies in the automotive industry to make your mark? Then you need to get your hands on the best auto mechanic magazines, ASAP.

Automotive and auto mechanic magazines have proven to be a gold mine of information for repair shop owners and industry professionals. From the latest industry trends to crucial aspects of running an auto repair business, these magazines have it all.

But how do you know which auto magazines to read for valuable information on how to run your auto repair business effectively?

Below, you’ll find our quick and helpful list of 5 automotive magazines that will help you stay informed on the latest industry trends and more, so you can run your business efficiently.

The 5 Most Useful Auto Mechanic Magazines

There’s a treasure trove of magazines out there for shop owners, but our pick of the top 5 is what you need for in-depth information about the auto repair industry. It is recommended that you read the auto mechanic magazines on our list to stay ahead of the game!

1. Hot Rod Magazine

The Hot Rod magazine is a popular choice for car enthusiasts and enthusiasts, as opposed to shop owners. This magazine offers everything there is to know about hot rodding, drag racing, car modifications and muscle cars.

It is an excellent choice for rebels, who would like to spice up their quad with innovative but dangerous modifications.

From big ideas about what consumers want to top industry trends, the magazine includes how-to, advice and life in the automotive world.

This magazine has been around since 1948 and is a classic in the automotive industry. It is also readily available at car garages and other pharmacies. Probably the best thing about this magazine is that it’s really fun and helps renew your spark in the auto repair service space.

You could have your tire repaired at a tire shop and read this magazine just for fun.

2. Shop Owner’s Magazine

The proprietary store mag is a sister publication to Tech Shop Magazine and offers a bimonthly magazine. If you are a store owner, this magazine should be your first choice because it focuses on three main pillars of entrepreneurship or running a business.

These pillars are store operations, business intelligence and building your own brand. As a store owner, mastering these pillars will help you make your business profitable and stand out in the industry.

It also features articles on actual auto shop profiles and a rich roundup of industry news. You can also easily access its digital editions.

3. Car Care Professional

This magazine is a smart buy for tradesmen and technicians. The best thing about this magazine is that it helps owners, managers and technicians improve their technical expertise with their helpful tips.

The magazine also features a comprehensive Dealer Profiles section, which features some of the best auto repair dealerships in the United States.

Two of the most useful aspects of this magazine is the rich information they provide on the latest equipment and technology in the automotive industry. It’s also one of the reasons why this magazine is considered the best for auto repair shop owners everywhere.

You can use this information to improve your service.

4. Ratchet and spanner

Ratchett and Wrench is also considered one of the best auto mechanic industries, especially for mechanics and technicians.

Along with the plethora of information it contains about cars, you will learn essential information about the repair service industry, including training and education, finance, sales, marketing, operations, and technology.

It also highlights some of the real teams in the automotive service industry along with invaluable information on how to grow your automotive business. The real-world strategies featured in this magazine can go a long way in steering your business in the right direction.

Finally, you can also subscribe to this magazine’s podcast and webinars for real-time industry insights.

5. Body news

If you repair vehicles for a living and are looking for the best magazine to guide you through the world of maintenance, Autobody News is for you.

As the name suggests, Autobody News aims to bring readers the best and latest news on automotive market trends. This helps both technicians and workshop owners to excel in the industry.


There are many auto repair and maintenance tips in auto mechanic magazines.

You’ll find topics covered in auto mechanic magazines including auto troubleshooting, oil changes, brake pads and rotors, wheel balancing, vehicle maintenance, oil filters, filters fuel, transmission repairs and more.

Automotive magazines can also help you with the solutions to your automotive problems. For example, if you’re not sure what your car needs, you can check auto mechanic magazines and they’ll tell you.

You will receive a detailed, step-by-step instruction manual for your car repairs and troubleshooting needs.

For auto shop owners, auto mechanic magazines are an excellent source of information. Content and resources are provided for automotive topics that help improve the business. They give you the opportunity to share your experiences in exchange for a free subscription.

From articles to reviews to top trends, you’ll find all the information you need.

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