Twitter implodes under Elon Musk. Fresno, CA user helped


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This fake tweet impersonating former President George W. Bush was started on Twitter by Fresno user Dary Rezvani on Wednesday, November 9, 2022, after the social media platform began offering a status of account verification to anyone paying $7.99.

In real life, Dary Rezvani is a chartered accountant who owns an auto repair shop and enjoys playing video games, collecting sports cards, and reading.

But on Twitter, the social media platform imploding in real time under the leadership of Elon Musk, the 32-year-old Fresno native, is known for his posts.

In recent days, sh–posters like Rezvani had fun. Not just at the expense of a few corporations and politicians, but ultimately the richest billionaire in the world.

Wikipedia defines sh-posting as “the act of using an online forum or social media page to post aggressive, ironic, and trollish quality and satirical content”.

Rezvani describes what he does as “line sketches through text”.

“Sh–poster is a parody – it is ultimately what it is,” he said. “The Onion would be the original sh-posters. Very believable parody. Sometimes it’s sarcasm, but basically nothing you say is serious.

Sh–posting on the platform reached new heights (or depths, depending on your perspective) this week after Twitter began selling its verified status to anyone with $8. Previously, blue ticks were only given to elected officials, celebrities, corporations and, yes, journalists.

What happened next was entirely predictable to anyone of average intelligence, let alone a so-called genius like Musk.

Many people registered or reassigned accounts with names that closely resembled companies and public figures. Including Rezvani, who renamed “a test account for jokes” @GeorgeWBushs after the former president, shelled out over $8 on Apple Pay and instantly received the much-vaunted blue check.

“Press the side button twice and you’re George Bush,” he said with a laugh.

On Wednesday night, Rezvani’s fake Bush account tweeted: “I miss killing Iraqis,” followed by a sad face emoji and accompanied by a “game” tag. (Which, in the creator’s mind, added to the gag since it was inspired by a video game release that includes an Iraq War scenario.)

Bush’s Fake Tweet Goes Viral

Despite the account’s few followers — about 300 followers compared to Rezvani’s main account, which has nearly 11,000 — Bush’s fake tweet with the blue check quickly went viral. By the time Twitter suspended @GeorgeWBushs about 12 hours later, “I Miss Killing Iraqis” had been retweeted and liked thousands of times and featured on “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.”

“I had a screaming screaming moment” reading the responses, Rezvani said.

Bush’s fake tweet had a lot of company. There was one of a parody account of a pharmaceutical company claiming free insulin. (The real company, Eli Lilly, then saw its stock prices plummet.) Based on a parody Pepsi account saying coke tastes better. And a parody account of Lockheed Martin announcing the suspension of arms sales to the United States and Saudi Arabia. Proving why Musk’s attempt to recoup some of his $44 billion investment by charging users $8 for a blue check was such a bad idea.

Twitter reportedly suspended its subscription service Blue on Friday, leaving the platform even more ripe for misinformation. Since Musk took the reins, the San Francisco-based company has laid off thousands of employees and seen a mass exodus of advertisers and users.

Rezvani isn’t going anywhere at the moment. Not when there’s so much fun watching Twitter ignite and throw gasoline on the fire. At least in the figurative sense.

“As a user, it’s hilarious,” he said, “things are extremely funny right now. So of course I’m going to enjoy it.

“Blocked by people on both sides”

Previously, Rezvani had gained notoriety on Twitter by “rating” President Joe Biden, impersonating ESPN reporters Adrian Wojnarowski and Adam Schefter on fake sports trades, and being threatened with legal action by the group of trap rock.

His account, meanwhile, has been blocked by Republican and Democratic commentators and politicians. The list includes Tomi Lahren, Candace Owens, Christine Pelosi, Medhi Hasan and Meghan McCain.

“One of my claims to fame is that I’m blocked by people on both sides,” Rezvani said.

“To be clear, these are big accounts. My #1 rule is that you should make fun of people in power. Call it bullying if you want, but it’s rich and powerful people I’m going after. If they can’t take a joke, it’s kinda on them.

Fresno-turned-Twitter sh-poster political candidate Dary Rezvani. Facebook screenshot

After revealing himself as the source of Bush’s bogus tweet, Rezvani went on to say, “My dad escaped the Iranian revolution to have a kid who sh–posts.” I hope you’re proud baba!

In online parlance, this right is known as “good content”.

Rezvani earned much of his early Twitter during two unsuccessful political campaigns in 2020. He ran for Congress as a Democrat against Devin Nunes, then moved on to a run for the State Center Community Board of Directors. College District. Neither was particularly close.

Two years later, all political aspirations have been stifled.

“The city has completely rejected me, so I’m worried about earning money and taking care of my family,” Rezvani said.

“There is absolutely nothing inspiring about any of the chosen ones we have in the Central Valley,” he added. “I will let them continue to act like they care.”

Spoken like a real sh–poster.

This story was originally published November 11, 2022 5:35 p.m.

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