Types of car accident collisions and how to prevent them


Car accidents happen in different ways. It is important to identify how the car accident you were in happened to file a car accident claim, and knowing the different types of car accident collisions could help you in this regard. Discussing what happened with an auto accident attorney in Jackson could also help increase your chances of getting significant compensation.

Types of car accident collisions

There are four main types of car accidents that can occur between two drivers. These types of car accident collisions include parking lot crashes, side crashes, frontal crashes and rear crashes.

Collisions in parking lots tend to happen at low speeds. This type of car accident can happen for various reasons. Some parking lots are crowded with parked cars, moving cars, pedestrians or a combination thereof.

Crowded parking lots not only interfere with the visibility of what other drivers are doing, but can also confuse drivers. Drivers speeding through parking lots without looking can also cause collisions in parking lots. Collisions are also common when a backing driver does not see another driver speeding by and vice versa. Avoid these accidents by rechecking the mirrors and carefully navigating parking lots.

Side collisions occur when a driver hits the other driver on the side of the vehicle. These collisions are more common at intersections and when turning left. Avoid this collision by paying attention to stop signs and intersections. Check blind spots and always look both ways.

Head-on collisions involve both drivers colliding head-on. These are most often caused by distracted, drunk or drugged drivers. Avoid head-on collisions by avoiding distractions while driving, slowing down in bad weather and using headlights in fog.

Rear-end collisions involve one driver hitting the other driver at the rear of the vehicle. This is more common with tailgating and traffic merging. Avoid this by giving other drivers more time to stop when merging and not following cars too closely.

What to do after a car accident

After a car accident, there are important steps you can take to increase your chances of getting compensated. The first one car accident stages you must take to get away from harm and call 911 if anyone is hurt. Gather all the information you can from the other driver, including their contact information and car insurance information.

Take photos of injuries and damage to the vehicle. Obtain copies of your medical records and the police report. File all of this information with the insurance company in your auto accident claim, including details about the cause of the accident. Try contacting a Jackson auto accident attorney if you have questions about how to maximize your compensation.

Contact a Jackson Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer

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