Walser tells dealers: “Let’s create our own destiny”


He asked retailers to “imagine a working relationship with our OEM partners based on mutual trust – where short-term goals take a back seat to long-term success, where both parties are fully committed l to each other and where the communication is not so much about who gets what, but more about how together we can capitalize on over 16,000 existing dealership roofs to provide the type of service that a direct model simply cannot.”

Walser spoke about his efforts to tie NADA more closely to the Alliance for Automotive Innovation, the joint lobby group of automakers.

“For the first time in our history, our top priorities should be exactly the same: to make the dealer franchise system a huge strategic advantage,” Walser noted. “I promise you that none of the [OEMs] encourage direct selling competitors to gobble up their dealerships. No OEM bets against their dealers because they know their success in selling electric vehicles depends on us.”

But Walser said dealerships must continue to improve and streamline their sales processes, making them more convenient and less time-consuming for customers, while continuing to champion the franchise sales model.

“It’s not the direct selling that drives success. It’s the product and a great experience,” Walser said. “And no place offers an experience like dealerships.”


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