Weekly Arrest Report (4/29/22–5/6/22) – Casper, WY Oil City News


CASPER, Wyo — Here are the week’s compiled arrest logs for Natrona County law enforcement. The logs represent law enforcement contacts with the suspects who were arrested and the charges recommended against them.

The Arrest Log is not a complete record and may not represent all arrests made during a given time period.

The log does not contain information about juvenile offenders, suspects recommended for charges of a sexual nature, or information about arrestees in Natrona County who committed to or left the bail facility before the law enforcement does not publish the information.

All persons cited or arrested are presumed innocent until convicted by a court. Fees are subject to change following official filings from the Natrona County Attorney’s Office. The information is provided by the Natrona County Sheriff’s Office.


  • Destry Bistow – Criminal Warrant
  • Laurn Brehmer – Prohibited public intoxication, disturbances of the peace: causes/provocations
  • Keefer Burton – Not Appearing
  • Joshua case – Possession of a controlled substance: powder or crystal
  • Nicholas Carabajal – DWUI (First Offense or Second Inside Offense)
  • Jennifer Carey – Not Appearing
  • Jeremi Chaney – Apply pressure to throat or neck
  • Sherry Crimm – DWUI
  • Marvin Cummins – Drinking and Driving: Alcohol: 0.08% or more, Leaving the scene of an accident: Damage to assisted and reckless driving: First offense
  • Jeremy Everhart – County Warrant / Agency Retainer
  • Alyssa Frechea – DWUI (first offense or second inside offense), possession of a controlled substance: powder or crystal, failure to appear
  • Austin Hallock – DUI: Controlled substance: first offense within 10 years, possession of a controlled substance: powder or crystal, reckless driving: first offense
  • Charles Kendall – District Court Bench Warrant, Failure to Comply
  • Michele Kientz – Failure to Comply
  • Disiree Lang – Public Intoxication Prohibited
  • Amanda Lord – Serving Weekends
  • Nathaniel Lujan – District Court Warrant
  • Devin Mackay – Do Not Appear x2
  • Michael Mireles – Public Intoxication Prohibited
  • John Pearce – Criminal Warrant x2, Failure to Appear x2
  • Isaiah Montiano Like – Aggravated Assault
  • Sean Rakstad – Not Appearing
  • Miranda Warner – Serving a prison sentence
  • Jerry Washington – Held on probation and parole
  • Nicholas Wiese – Inmate on probation and parole
  • James Young – Public Intoxication Prohibited


  • Eldine Barker – County Warrant/Retained for Agency, Possession of a Controlled Substance, Driving with Cancelled/Suspended/Revoked License
  • Garrett Blackburn – Pending Contract/Billing
  • Ilona Cariveau – Failure to Comply
  • Cameron George – serving a prison sentence
  • Robert Gunn – Criminal Warrant
  • Charles Hullinger – Failure to Appear
  • Anthony Lane – Inmate on probation and parole
  • Christopher Lutonsky – Failure to appear, violation of insurance, violation of motor vehicle registration
  • Alexis Milani – Criminal Warrant
  • Katerina Nelson – Failure to Comply
  • Robert Taylor – Trespass
  • Jeremy Tsinigine – Public intoxication prohibited


  • Lieff Boykin – Stand for Circuit Court, Failure to Comply
  • Garrett Cestnik – Waiting for WSP
  • Andrea Dees – Criminal Warrant
  • Zachary Foster – Failure to Comply
  • Jeremiah Glasspoole – Public Intoxication Prohibited
  • Jeffrey Kaylor – Inmate on probation and parole
  • Jordon Knox – District Court Warrant
  • Alec Miller – Failure to Comply, Failure to Appear, County Warrant / Waiting for Agency x2
  • Cody Moore – serving a prison sentence
  • Aaron Miracle – Possession of a Controlled Substance: Powder or Crystal
  • Lindsay Miracle – Valid driver’s license, mandatory auto insurance: first offense, possession of a controlled substance: powder or crystal
  • Robert Owens – Restricted Camping in City, Possession of Controlled Substance: Powder or Crystal, Possession of Controlled Substance: Plant: 3 oz. or less
  • David Owyhee – Inmate on probation and parole
  • Michael Shirts – Public Intoxication Prohibited


  • Shawn Borne – Criminal Warrant
  • Annalecia Brodie – DWUI, Leaving the Scene of an Accident: Property Damage, Reckless Driving, Breach of Insurance: No Current Liability Insurance
  • Shauna Denecke – Criminal Trespass
  • Matthew Geis – Criminal Warrant
  • Donald Harvey – Pedestrian under the influence of alcohol or controlled substance, interference with a peace officer, battery, county warrant/detained for agency
  • Billy Martin – Serving Prison Time
  • Tyreese Reed – County Warrant / Retainer for Agency
  • Amanda SixFeathers – Criminal Warrant, County/Detention Warrant for the Agency
  • Kameron Young Johnson – Possession of a controlled substance, convicted felon of possession of a firearm, theft: less than $1,000


  • John Brown – Failure to Appear, OT/Courtesy Agency
  • Robert Byers – Public Intoxication Prohibited
  • Bethany Celestine-Brown – Failure to Comply
  • Treasa Haynes – Criminal Warrant, Failure to Comply
  • Robert Hathaway – Courtesy Hold OT/Agency
  • Mandelyn Hernandez – District Court Warrant
  • Christopher Moreland – Not Appearing
  • James Nicholson – County Warrant/Retainer for Agency
  • Myron Nipwater – Serving Prison Time
  • Jandra Peasley – Failure to Comply
  • Kaitlynn Peeler – Failure to Comply x2
  • David Smith – Public intoxication prohibited, open container: open possession/distribution
  • Sharon Soliz – Illegal entry into an occupied structure
  • Jerry Washington – Held on probation and parole
  • Willie Young – Possession of a controlled substance: methamphetamine, criminal warrant
  • Todd Zettlemoyer – Home Battery: First Offense


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