What drove profit, satisfaction at Land Rover Princeton?


Land Rover Princeton sales staff are trained to guide customers through the bespoke ordering process. Part of that is showing customers an area of ​​the showroom that showcases custom colors and materials available to order.

“We have a very central area in the showroom that has paint chips, leather samples and interior trim. It’s very hard to miss because it’s in such an important place,” Bergamo said. .

Some custom paint colors, such as the Satin Ice White finish, can add upwards of $12,000 to the price of the vehicle. Checking the box for the SV Signature Suite Veneer club table surface adds $19,000+ to the window sticker. Wheels, leather headliner and other items offer nearly limitless combinations, so each custom order is usually a unique build, a key selling point at the dealership.

Custom orders involve more than sales staff. Due to the long lead time between when the order is placed and when the vehicle is delivered to the store, the sales process begins well before the end of the leases to ensure a smooth transition from the old vehicle to the new. Scheduled sales also help the store run more efficiently.

“We are starting the process a little earlier than in the past,” Bergamo said. “Our sales people get in touch with the customer four, five and even six months later to ask them what they want to do and start the conversation.”


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