Why are car insurance rates in Hawaii so high?


HONOLULU (KHON2) – Hawaii is known as one of the most expensive states for rentals, homes for sale, utilities and more.

However, in the car insurance world, Hawaii does not top the list of the most expensive countries, although it is still expensive to have car insurance.

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According to a study conducted by the car insurance app jerrywhich uses data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Hawaii’s average car insurance rates are lower than the national average.

Because Hawaii has lower than average rates for car insurance, it might be time to increase your coverage.

  • The island’s roads can be crowded during rush hour, resulting in high accident rates
  • Hawaii has some of the highest rates of car theft in the country
  • Nearly 10% of Hawaiian drivers are uninsured or underinsuredwhich increases rates at all levels

Teen drivers in Hawaii also have some of the lowest auto insurance rates. Jerry recommends looking at Progressive, State Farm, GEICO and USAA for the cheapest auto insurance to bundle.

Things that can rack up your monthly car insurance bill are bad credit, a poor driving record, and being a new or inexperienced driver.

One thing you don’t have to worry about is that your auto insurance only increases with age. According to Jerry, Hawaii is not allowed to set premiums based on age.

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To read the full report on car insurance prices in Hawaii by jerryvisit their website.


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